POA Day 9 AKA Refreshed

Friday, November 04, 2011

Recap of yesterday:

1. Go to bed at a GOOD time tonight, i.e. NOT after 9:30 p.m. I need to make sure I get enough sleep and hopefully my back is ready for the gym tomorrow morning. Oops...I went to bed at 10. Better than the last few days, though!!!

2. Continue drinking plenty of water, at least 3 bottles. emoticon

3. Eat what I have tracked, and if I change anything, make sure it fits in my ranges. Well.....No. Explained below.

4. Fitness? If my back feels better, maybe try for a jog on my lunch hour. Most likely today will be a rest day, though, or maybe strictly ST and no running. emoticon as a rest day.

5. Continue not spending any money unless it needs to be spent (i.e. on groceries, or other things we NEED). I have been good with this, but it's good to keep an eye on it. emoticon

6. Be thankful for everything I have in my life, especially my wonderful DH, and my beautiful little girl. emoticon

Month Goals:

Weight: This last Tuesday was 170.0 pounds - Goal by end of month 160-164 (range is better than specific for me this month)

Push-ups: 5/1000

Miles (walking, elliptical, spinning, running): 9/2500


The communication between DH and I opened up, and there were a lot of "I'm Sorry's" on both sides with a bunch of kisses. We were just both tired, crabby, and took it out on each other. He actually sent me back a really sweet email saying he is proud of me.

On another note, I found out when having to pick my daughter up that the garage door broke. With my car trapped inside. I can't open it up manually because not only is a cable snapped, but it went off its track. I called the place that fixes this, and after hours is $150/hour compared to $65/hour if they come at 8 this morning. Yeah, I told them to come in the morning. Sure, I didn't have a car, but that's better than spending a ton of moolah when I could wait one evening. The only downside now is walking my little girl to daycare when it is 35 degrees, but it is only 1 block, and I will be bundling her up good.

I had a mini-binge yesterday. Nowhere near past binges, but I still had to take accountability for it and stop before I did more damage. My calories for the day ended up being 2200 calories, and the binge was 780 calories (chocolate chip muffins freshly baked). I have my first psychologist appointment today, and I am nervous but looking forward to what counseling has to offer too.

I had a refreshing morning because I got up, went to the gym, and ran with 1-minute walk intervals for 45 minutes this morning (4 miles). It felt good, and I felt steady coming home after.

But, I am running out of time because I need to get Kaylee ready, so I am going to get to my Plan of Action for today:

1. Water!!!!

2. Eat what I have tracked, but most of all be sure to only add if it is still within my range.

3. Fitness: Run (already did), ST, and perhaps another go at the gym for either more ST or elliptical, or rowing, or whatever floats my boat. Maybe I'll do a class! (my mom is watching Kaylee today.

4. Focus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeping it simple today :o}
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is great. I really am starting to think I should seek out some counseling in regards to this too...we'll see. Hope you have a wonderful day!
    2298 days ago
    I am glad to hear that you two worked it out!! I have issues with my dh sometimes in regard to my weight loss. He is super skinny and will just NEVER understand what it is like to be trying to loss weight!!! He sees it as very cut and dry, don't eat anything "bad", eat only "good" things, and exercise. I feel like I have to sneak things that aren't "good", so then I end up eating more to finish off the package and hide the evidence!!!! I gotta stop doing that!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing everything with us and I hope your first appointment goes well!!!!
    2298 days ago
    You are doing great bud! You are awesome and I am so inspired by your courage and determination. Love and hugs!
    2298 days ago
    One day at a time love, one day at a time...
    Everyday I am inspired by you and your courage to share your accomplishments, your struggles and your life with us. You are incredible and I'm so thankful to know you and have you in my life!!!! XOXO!
    2298 days ago
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