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Playing in the mud for 6.2 miles is good for your skin w/pics!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Well, I did what I said I was going to do, twice. I said I was going to start blogging again, so here you go and I said I was going to do a mud run, so here you go again. I actually talked my DH into joining me, he's retired Army so I figured he'd like some memories stirred up a bit....LOL!

If you know me, you know that I do attempt to do most things with a bit of anal retentiveness. I also like to try things at least one time before I go full force into something just to test the waters (no pun intended) and make sure I'm going to like it. This time I did not, I signed up for this race without much knowledge of what I was getting myself and my DH into. The only thing I knew is that it involved getting quite muddy and once again, if you know me, I love getting down and dirty, guess it's the tomboy in this warrior diva.

I'll start by saying our morning was fantastic with a nice warm breakfast of scrambled eggs, cheese and a light bagel with OJ. We both figured we'd better fill our tummies with some good hearty carbs and protein to have enough energy to get through this craziness. I was a bit AR by having our bags packed the night before with stuff from long sleeve technical shirts, to long wicking pants and dry clothes for after the know...just in case. As my DH always says, it's better to have and not need than to need and not have. emoticon

We were a bit hesitant the night before because the weather said it would be 45 degrees in the AM, however, our wave start was 11, so heck by that time all things considered, the temps would be warm...right??? was quite chilly but the sun helped a bit, however, it did not help the water we were about to have to swim in and the mud pits we were about to have to slosh through. Brrrrr.....chilly coldness! We drove to Ft Worth to LaGrave Field (Minor League baseball stadium) where the Mudcats play and this is where the race was being held. At that point, my nervousness was done and I was quite excited about the whole thing. I am seeing all kinds of folks at this race. There were super competitive teams of folks dressed in their military garb all the way down to folks who were there just to have fun, like us. So much fun that I even saw a Gumby and a Sponge Bob. You can only imagine someone doing something like this with a costume on like that. Too funny!

We start out all nice and dry, ready to hit it hard. and then....bam.... we are covered! Nothing but action the entire 6.2 miles of mud, water, guts and glory!!! We counted, there were probably 25 obstacles total, counting 2 river crossings, where we had to actually swim across the river and one crossing where we had to literally leap onto floating platforms attached with ropes. Every one of the obstacles were military like, crawling under wire, through pipes, swinging from ropes, climbing cargo nets, over walls, running through probably half a mile of mud & water. Brought back memories for my DH and I but we kept on trucking along best we could. I think the only thing missing was a drill sargeant in your face. All and all, this was probably the toughest and most challenging race I've ever done, even next to a marathon and I've done 3 of those. I figured if I can do something like this, I shouldn't have any problems doing that Half Ironman in 2012! Yea baby!!!

Just want to add that playing in the mud with my DH made it all the better! That's him leaping and me already in the pool of 7 feet of mud & water.

I've recently been challenged by my DH's nephew to do another mud run called the Tough Mudder in April 2012. This race is 10-12 miles with 35-40 obstacles and these obstacles are put together by the British Special Forces!!! Eeeek! emoticon Anyone wanna join me???

When all was said and done, here's how we HAD to get the embedded mud in orifices I will not describe off....LOL! emoticon A fire truck with 2 hoses turned onto us!!!

So to end this, here is the best pic of all! These are some of my best peeps including my kickboxing instructor/personal trainer. My DH is on the far right. We were about to finish this thing and needed one last shot.

Here's what I got out of this...I was bound and determined to do every obstacle we came in contact with and guess what, I DID!!!! I'm ready for the next one!

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