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A Spider Incident.

Monday, October 31, 2011

So here was my excitement for the morning.

I guess Huntsman spiders are Australian equivalents of tarantulas. They aren't aggressive and don't bite unless provoked. They sure are speedy though, and forbidding due to size and appearance. We have TWO cohabitating with us currently. The kids aren't real happy. I don't mind them, as long as I'm not the one in charge of moving one outside if a kid is TOO bothered. Again, they are SPEEDY and it's not the most pleasant thing to have one of these skittering up your arm towards your face.

This particular spider goes by the name "Kaiser" due to his seeming handlebar mustache. He was hanging out on the doorjamb this morning and I was giving him a good lookover - actually a very handsome arachnid. All plushy-like and interesting marks on his abdomen. So I ask my daughter Kate if "she'd like to see how fast the spider can move". I prodded the spider in the backside thinking it would run away from me as fast as possible...instead he spun around and took on my finger, quick as a wink. I was so startled, all I could do was double up and cackle like an old hen who'd just laid an egg. Poor Kate didn't want to walk past him.

I decided to take a photo so I grabbed the tape measure to show just how big he is. Stuck it up next to him and he battled that so I decided real quick just to take the darn photo and leave him be. emoticon
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