Tap-n-Run "Race" Recap

Monday, October 31, 2011

OK - so before I ever lined up for the Half Ironman that the stress was getting crazy. I needed a fun break. I did manage to keep the triathlon fun but there were so many things to remember, time lines for drop offs, check ins, participant meetings...ugh!

During all of this planning I received an email describing a "run" which was actually just an excuse for a Halloween themed pub crawl. I thought...YUP sounds perfect!

I decided to opt out of the whole costume thing (not required) but there were other contest I could try like the burping contest, or the "just here for the beer" contest ...

I really had no ambition for a speedy run. I just wanted to have fun. The rules were:

Step 1 - proceed to the starting line, obtain a beer, toast the starter, drink the beer and take off

Step 2 - proceed to the 2nd check point, grab a beer, drink the beer and continue to check point 3.

Step 3 - check in at check point 3, obtain a beer, drink the beer proceed to proceed to the final check point/finish line.

Step 4 - cross the line, obtain final beer and toast your fellow finishers.

Again, I had no intention of running but every time I looked up, this group (there were three) of participants was standing beside me... ewww

So I decided to run long enough to get AWAY from them. I did but felt so good (it was a beautiful day) that I decided to run to the 2nd check point. I passed this team in route:

I ran up on this guy and decided I needed to ... had to finish ahead of him!

The back of that costume had a small sign that said "I love my weenie" O_0

All in all, it was a really fun event. They are setting up for next year already so check it out. This would be a fun event for a spark team too emoticon
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