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Saturday, October 29, 2011

We live in a neighborhood that has a homeowners association.

When we first moved here, I was voted in to serve on the Board. What a mess THAT little exercise was! Since it was the first home owners association we have ever been part of, little did I know the politics and power plays that go on.

There is a small group of people who have the need to control everything. (I have since learned that this is "normal" for these types of committees.)

They set their own agenda, and pretty much do whatever they want doing. A lot of politicking goes on, and it winds up with "our' side against "their" side. And the issues they fight over are really peanuts.

So I served the Board, found out what it is like, and couldn't wait to have my term expire. As a matter of fact, I quit before my term was up.

I have lived too long to continue to fight with red squirrels, put up with all the petty bickering and in-fighting, and play with power mongers.

I mean! When I think of all the things going on in my life and country, the pettiness of a homeowners association is really quite irrelevant.

I have lived too long to suffer fools gladly and participate in time wasting arguments about how something should be worded.

Boards have a tendency to want all things done with great verbosity. The more words, the better.

In my book, the more words the more confusion they create.

So today is our annual association meeting. I have read the agenda, and it is more of the same stuff they have been fighting over for the past 5 years.

I am not going. Neither is DH. We are giving our proxy to one of our neighbors who likes to attend such things, and have made clear what our vote choices are.

I am going to spend my day walking with Winnie, doing a ten minute strength exercise and get some quilting done.

Heck. I just may throw talking DH into going out to lunch, and then to walk one of our beautiful trails.

It is a lovely Autumn day here..........much too beautiful to waste it by attending a stupid meeting where nothing but arguing will get accomplished.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to walk I go!!! emoticon

The woods are calling, and I must go!
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    Yep, get out and enjoy the day! Let the folks who enjoy doing that kind of thing do it!! emoticon
    2304 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/1/2011 5:57:39 PM
    Life is too short to do things we really don't enjoy! You gave it a try and it wasn't for you! Time to move on!!! Good for you!

    Enjoy the Great Outdoors! emoticon
    And your quilting!

    2305 days ago
    I am sorry your (and it sounds like most) associations are like that. We live in an area that probably has an association for each "district"; our's is a small association and everyone knows everyone. It is usually well run and, for the most part, there is no fighting or arguing.

    When we bought this house, we did NOT buy the one we really wanted (new development, house was going to be built) because of all the RULES the Association had - just couldn't live with those. I'm glad we found out up front that they dictated what you could and couldn't do.

    Our youngest daughter bought a new home, moved in, and within 4 days had a notice from the association that she better get her yard in shape. REALLY? She had JUST moved in.

    I'm glad you took care of yourself and enjoyed the wonderful outdoors instead of stressing yourself with so much nonsense.
    2306 days ago
    My parents live in a community with an association and the stories they have told me! It is exactly as you describe. There is one woman with her little clique bound and determined that everyone is to live as she dictates. She even went so far as to send people letters on her employer's letterhead threatening possible legal action - she works for a lawyers office and the letters, on legal letterhead, were to give the impression that whatever she was complaining about was illegal. Finally someone did something about her, called the HR at the legal office to "inquire if the lawyers had taken the case and were representing her". Whatever her employers said to her (and I can imagine) she finally stopped her nonsense...at least for a while. The problem with the associations and this type of person is no one ever wants the stress of standing up to the bully and putting a stop to their nonsense.
    2307 days ago
    emoticon I don't know if we have an owners association or not but, if we do it would probably be the same except the language would be Chinese.

    Enjoy the beautiful day while it lasts.
    2307 days ago
    I'm glad we don't have a Homeowners Assoc where we are. We do still have yearly town meetings though and the same thing happens at those. We haven't gone in the last couple of years because of all the nonsense that goes on.
    We are having rain turning to snow today and tonight so no outside walks for me.
    2307 days ago
    Now that is what I call taking care of business!! lol Have a great day and enjoy the outdoors.
    2307 days ago
    2307 days ago
    One of our requirements when we moved up here is "NO Homeowner Association".

    Enjoy your walk and your lunch out.

    2307 days ago
    I do not blame you one bit, my dear FBC! We made the mistake of going to one of our homeowner's association annual meetings, and it was a disaster. Never again! Enjoy this gorgorgrous day the way it should be, outside!

    2307 days ago
    Good for you!
    2307 days ago
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