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Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm one of the lucky ones!!! My life has been filled with activity, adventure and some really great people! My younger years were filled with speed! I was brought up in my dad's "service center" where I learned a love of cars and motors. By the time I was 16 I was building hot rods and getting high on the power of V-8's (motors not drinks). I loved the roar of the modified power plants unrestricted by standard eshaust systems. I was into motorcycles - the feel of the wind rushing by unhelmeted head. (or maybe it was through my head as I now look back at it.) I slalom skiied at high speeds and was quick to take stupid dares. Although my friends were much like me, always looking for excitement, I want to mention that believe it or not, we were not into alcohol for our kicks. Simply didn't need it. Life was good!

Got married when I was 21 to the girl you all know as "Luv" and settled down some, but not much. We still loved adventure, but sought it out in different places. We were never idle! Got started on a lifetime of camping, hiking, and outdoor pleasures. We made new friends who too loved to play. Volleyball was a big deal to us at the time and we played almost every weekend at least 8 months out of the year and even built a volleyball court in our back yard which was used for volleyball parties on a regular basis. Life was good!

During this stage of our life, all of a sudden we found ourselves to be parents! Whoa! Wait a minute, we weren't mature enough yet for that role! But we learned how to play the parts. The boys grew up moving from being carried in backpacks and sitting in bike seats to carrying backpacks and racing down rocky mountain trails on their own bikes. Volleyball got to be a family sport with the teens vs. the dinosaurs and the dinosaurs were good! The calendar was scribbled so full of events that you could hardly read the dates: sporting events, musical events, drama and working out at the gym kept us all in a very hectic mode! Life was good!

And then....empty nest!!! How did that happen? Our kids were grown up and we still weren't! So we filled the newly formed gaps in our calendar with travel and yet more adventures. When we got home from school on Fridays our pop-up camper was already hooked up to our vehicle that was already loaded with all of our gear and we were off for the weekend. Destination - all over the place - wherever there were festivals, or trails or moving water. Oh! ...and by this time we had taken on the new challenge of country dancing that we literally jumped into with both feet! In fact we got so fanatical about it that it became our part-time job! We taught beginner line-dancing at campgrounds all over PA! We had a blast! Life was good!

Suddenly, we're retired! Again, how did that happen? We still haven't matured! It's a whole new era, but the calendar is still full just about every day. Many of the activites are the same: hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. but today we have the freedom of traveling wherever and whenever we decide to do it. So instead of kayaking just in PA streams all of a sudden we find ourselves doing it in places like Kauai and Alaska! Wow! Who would have thought. And making new friends has become an even bigger adventure by forming friendships from all over the world on the internet and then actually traveling to them and sharing real life adventures with them. Life is good!

(Now for the really BIG "Life is Good" - these two immature fun seekers somehow became GRANDPARENTS! Just how amazing is that!!! Two granddaughters and three grandsons from 9 months old to 8 years old! Everyone beautiful and everyone amazing! It seems like Luv and I are always babysitting and we love it. Our house is again cluttered with a house made out of a cardboard box, kid size chairs, a rocking horse in the living room that was actually mine when I was a toddler (imagine that). There's artwork on the refrigerator and pictures hanging everywhere! Again I find myself with a kid in a backback and it might even feel greater this time. All of them have already been introduced to a love of the out of doors! I am almost overwhelmed by the experience of them. Life is amazing!

Along with the passage of time came new activities. A big one in our life I already mentioned - our country dancing. But there have been many many more. Both of us have learned many new skills. Luv has become a very talented and creative quilter. I learned a lot of new skills by assisting a carpenter in building my garage w/ 2nd floor wood shop and also building a large addition on our little house. (totally new experiences for a teacher of 35 years!) I've learned that I love to work in my woodshop, something I never had the opportunity to do for the first 56 years of my life. ....and now recently, I have learned that I really enjoy singing!!! I had done the teenage thing of being in a rock band, but we weren't very good (BIG understatement) and I never considered myself as to having any real aptitude for the activity. Then somehow about a year ago, we got talked into joining the church choir and for the first time in my life I find that not only can I sing in harmony, I love doing it. Just like speed (fast things, not drugs) made me high back when I was a teen, I have now learned that singing brings out that same great feeling! (BTW, I still like fast things! LOL) So, you know, I've still got to say: Life is good!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BOBBYD31
    what a great recap of your life so to date! i wish i had you energy, you are truly an amazing man(and of course LUV too). your motto life is good, my motto, i wanna be like wood.
    thanks for sharing
    1918 days ago
  • KELPIE57
    What can I add.....except this quote that I found "Gross well says that children are young because they play, and not vice versa; and he might have added, men grow old because they stop playing, and not conversely, for play is, at bottom, growth, and at the top of the intellectual scale it is the eternal type of research from sheer love of truth."
    1919 days ago
    well said! love ya!
    1919 days ago
    I wantPaul & I to be just like you & Luv. Your energy and love of life is so inspiring.
    1919 days ago
  • SLIMMER150
    You sure know how to Live Life! No wonder Life is Good!

    1919 days ago
    emoticon Mini biography! This painting of your life colors my day, it gives me a kalaidescope view of the wonderful person who calls himself "Woodheat". Just enough detail, warmth, and flavor to fill in the gaps of wondering just what makes up this man? I adore that in closing you have disovered "that voice"...what was the first thing I recognized in that voice mail you left me? The voice is amazing, as amazing as the mind that fuels your lifebeing, to know that your life has truly been good!! (let's say great!) emoticon 's and emoticon

    1919 days ago
    Wood my friend,

    Well done my friend. I think you have so well explained how finding your way to the joy of life. Each stage new options and discoveries ...never closing the doors of opportunity.
    One of the reasons I so appreciate you.
    Thanks for a lovely start to my morning.

    1919 days ago
    I always look forward to your blogs, and as usual this one does not dissapoint! What a wonderful review of a fantastic adventure that is life....and it's GOOD!
    1919 days ago
    Great blog Wood.... I think we all need to stop and "review" our lives now and then... I've always found that the good times always outweighed any bad... guess knowing where we've been helps us know how to keep moving forward to new adventures and challenges....

    1919 days ago
    What a great recap for a life well lived. I giggled at the thought of you needing to explain that the V8 you were talking about was not the drink!

    A rolling stone gathers no moss!!!

    1919 days ago
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