Something is Terribly Wrong. (may contain tmi.)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have been working out and dieting, I have lost lots of weight dropped 4 or 5 dress/pants sizes and shirt sizes.I have not missed working out in like months. So you ask what is terribly wrong. I have been kind of losing my hair. My body hair has always been sparse like I guess most dark skinned people are I never had to shave to wear shorts. But other places that normally have hair don't anymore. My underarms and lower(hope you get the picture) the hair in those places is really thin nearly none at all emoticon.
My hair, which is thick and long is the envy of like everyone I know. Thank God I have no bald spots but each day my hair not really falls out but when i run my fingers through it small clumps like the size of a pinky nail come out. and is fairly recent like the last month or so. I went to the doctor in July and nothing was wrong so I know is not a form of alpecia one because I have hair however short and thin it is. I can't figure out what's wrong I made a doctors appointment but I can't go for a week. I thought it could be stress but really I have not been stressed my life couldn't be more stress free. I have the kids but they are well behaved and have not been with me is not like I have stress keeping them I have a nanny who is basically a live in. I don't have to many stresses my job I love it. I mean my life isn't perfect, I have the normal amount of stress , but nothing that keeps me awake at night.
Like all modern people (again assuming) I looked online in places like webmd but found nothing. just having this happen is causing me more stress than I had normally. So i had to write a blog I know a few ppl will read and will suggest something that will maybe cause me less stress for a week. When your sick but is not an emergency going having to wait is itself is stressful.
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    I would say to heed the advice of the PP's (previous posters). Check with your doctor - there could be something wrong that you don't know about that he can prescribe you something for, or he can at least advise you on what to change as far as your diet!

    Keep us posted. :-)
    2182 days ago
    Yeah for you on your healthy transformation!! My hair started falling out and at first I ignored it until I could put my hair in a ponytail using a barrette. I went to the doctor and found out it was thyroid condition, really cheap prescription and two weeks later my hair loss slowed down and now my hair is back and I feel much better. When you go to the doctor ask him to check your thyroid.
    2189 days ago
    Congrats on your successes! I'm so glad you are making progress toward your goals.

    I had a problem a while ago with bald spots. My hair stylist told me it was stress. At that time I was under a tremendous amount of stress at my job. Since that doesn't seem to be the case you might want to look at your nutrition. At that time I was depending heavily on processed foods and didn't eat very well. When I paid attention to getting the proper nutrition (protein is a big one for hair loss) I was much better. I guess on the bright side at least you don't have to go through waxing appointments. LOL Just trying to bring in a bit of humor to the situation. But seriously, don't stress about it too much. Hopefully your doctor can help.
    2189 days ago
    First off, Congratulations on you success thus far! Fantastic job!

    About the hair loss, It could just be a lack of certain vitamins, protein, etc. Have you drastically cut calories? How hard are you exercising? stress can definitely be a factor. But I also found this article, may it will help a bit,

    Good luck at the Dr.
    2190 days ago
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