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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

xenomancy – divination using strangers

We all do it, every day. We listen to or watch the news. Hear someone talking in line at the bank. Flip through magazines at the doctors office. Everywhere we look and listen strangers are screaming at us, pleading with us, talking to us. But if we listen carefully, we can hear salvation. And with the social networking revolution, those strangers can become friends that can stand you up when you fall.

When I joined sparkpeople in early 2009 it was on a whim. I was sick and tired. Sick of being fat and tired of being sick. My life was a shambles. I was a hulking gelatinous mass of nothing. I hated what I had become and had just the faintest spark of will to change. I had no idea how to cultivate that, how to light the fire and change what I was into what I wanted to be. I had looked at other resources, but none of them spoke to me. I was directed here by a friend and after a few weeks I was all in. The fire was raging inside of me. I had found the perfect formula. I was tracking what I ate, and that was vital. But more important than the tracking tools, login points, and newsletters was you.

Through constant interactions, you transformed this from a community of strangers, into a circle of friends.

Thank you.

You helped me more than you know. You helped me win, it was when I drifted away from here that I began losing the battle. I am trying again. I have had to change my methodology, my system. What worked once is no longer feasible. One thing that I will be resurrecting in this stage of my fight is this place and you.

I hope, no I plan on talking to you more in the days, weeks and years to come.
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