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A Week's Worth of Excuses

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So much for my daily confessionals. I swear I have an excuse for that too! But honestly, the more I think about these "excuses," the more I realize that they're not so much excuses as numerous reasons that my life is TOTALLY NORMAL every single day.

So Friday I was on track until hour 9 of my insanely long 15 hour work day when I went to get dinner, ordered a healthy turkey wrap and forgot to ask them to hold the fries. When it came out of the kitchen with those sexy greased potato strips of love, I devoured each and every single one of them along with the 2 glasses of wine that I believe I was OWED at that point in the day. Then enter skeezy bar manager who, though we work next door to each other, only recently noticed my weight loss for the first time and now believes that he has the right to 1. ogle my new body every time I walk down the street, and 2. make comments about my dinner choices. Which he did while I was trying to enjoy it. Him, as I am scarfing down my fries: "So is this part of the new diet?" Me: "There is no diet and I ran 9 miles on Tuesday, so I think that entitles me to eat what I want on a Friday night." What I Wanted To Say: "OMG, it's none of your $^%#*($#^$# business - get out of my life and let me enjoy my dinner in peace you #%$^&@&*#^" But I'm nicer than that. So I just ate too many fries and drank too much wine to wash his nasty comments and dirty, greasy looks out of my system.

Saturday was pretty good. I went to my Zumba class and loved every minute of it, per usual. And was totally on track with my food choices up until a late dinner with Nikhil (he made dosas - deep fried Indian pancakes that are made from ground lentils and meal flour and served with oily peanut spice paste - very dense, very delicious and only better when washed down with alcoholic beverages!) I was actually very proud of myself for opting to swing by Panera and pick up a bowl of chili and a bagel for lunch before meeting him for a study date at the library as opposed to waiting for him to make any food choices for us, because I know that he ALWAYS waits too long to eat and then makes poor decisions which I can't let be my habit as well. And as I suspected, our study date was followed by a mad dash to 7-Eleven to buy a churro to scarf down on the way home. I definitely felt like I won that one!

So as much as Saturday was a small triumph, Sunday was a total bust. My goals for the day? Stay in my calorie range and go for a 5 mile run. I didn't do either. We slept in and had a lazy morning over coffee and, yes, a caramel apple and leftover cheesecake from Thanksgiving. Ouch. Then came a late lunch at an Indian buffet - his treat. The food wasn't good at all (the authentic food he makes is so much better than anything at that restaurant and he usually makes it light and low fat for me!) and because he felt bad about lunch being a disappointment, after a leisurely walk by the waterfront (taking the place of my run, but at least it was SOME exercise) he took me to a chocolate shop to pick out handmade TRUFFLES for Sweetest Day. Oh lord in heaven. At least I didn't eat dinner.

Getting tired of my excuses, yesterday and today have been real, true, honest efforts at getting my act together. I made some really great choices yesterday - was on schedule with everything and even managed to fare pretty well at a work function last night. It's always really difficult to count finger foods, so I estimated the best I could and I actually don't believe I went over my calorie limits as badly as my tracker says I did. I promised myself I wasn't going to drink and held to that promise. I had a couple of finger sandwiches, a couple of pieces of bruschetta, some veggies and dip and ONE dessert bar. And then I got the heck out of there. Not only was I tired of networking for the evening, I knew that if I stayed, I would cave to having a drink and then I would surely eat more, so I did what I needed to do and extricated myself from the free food. Free food is deadly. Then, since I was in the neighbourhood, I swung by Caribou Coffee and picked up a hot chocolate for my beau and a tea for myself and surprised Nikhil at his place since I know he's been studying hard for his mid-terms this week. He was super cute, very surprised and very happy to see me (and the hot chocolate). I stole kisses for 30 minutes and then left him to keep working. A perfect little Monday night break.

Today has been good. I am on track again. And it's running day. I'm nervous because I haven't run in a week having skipped my run on Sunday, and tonight is my first 10-miler. But I've had my brownie! And even though it's raining and cold and miserable outside, I'm gonna do this! (Cause I have to. Cause I fueled with a brownie and running 10 miles is my only reason for being able to eat brownies.)

So excuses or just life? Take it as you will, but I'm feeling better about things. I can't be perfect every day, but I can be better than average. And I can deal with changes in the schedule as they come up. I'm learning how to be adaptable and I'm still improving myself. Gotta love that.

No more excuses this week. It's going to be great! Now - for that 10-miler...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes indeed, free food is a killer. You ain't lying about that one! It's a real struggle for me because there is always some good deliciousness at my job to be consumed that isn't really diet friendly. *sigh* oh the struggles of a girl on a diet!
    2340 days ago
    This IS what this change is all about...learning how to live life(excuses and all)...and get it out of our system...then get back on track...instead of feeling doomed and have learnt some good lessons...keep up the great are doing awesome!!
    2342 days ago
    Good for you! You have found some balance. You shouldn't have to sacrifice eating what you like once in a while. You enjoyed yourself but, also limited yourself so you wouldn't regret it later and you are back to exercising even after missing a few days. That is what this journey is all about...not giving up and finding ways to make this work for life!
    Hope you enjoyed your run...10 miles is awesome!!!
    2342 days ago
    See, if I was talking to the guy I would have served him some sugar coated acid i.e. "You know what? You're right! I forgot that just by eating this plate of fries I will gain back that 100 lbs I have already lost. I am so glad I have someone like you to keep me on track." hehe

    I'm glad to hear that you're trying to regulate and don't get down by the set backs, you're doing amazing and as long as you recognize what works and what doesn't then you'll be just fine.

    emoticon emoticon
    2344 days ago
    You are conscious of the choices you make and their impact on your goals. You're living your life and trying to make the best choices you can in an given circumstance. I think that's pretty important. I hope your 10 mile run was great. Just thinking about running 10 miles makes me want to lie down.
    2344 days ago
    How did the run go?!?!? I hope well!!!!:-)
    2344 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    wow, I bet the foods he cooks are wonderful, I love indian foods.

    But yes, this is a list of why your life is perfectly normal and how everyday there will be something in the way of the choices we hoped to make.
    What matters is how we carry on with them!
    2344 days ago
    Life is like gets in the way, but you have to keep going and make that time for you! You have obviously made some great decisions in your life because look at how far you have come!

    You need to treat yourself every once-and-a-while. Moderation is great because it allows you to indulge!

    I hope that your 10 miler went well.

    2344 days ago
    You have to allow yourself a treat once in awhile. It's not a diet it's balance! And you are nicer than me I would have told him to shut up and just pass me those "sexy greased potato strips of love"......
    2344 days ago
    Balance is a good thing to have. I hate that I feel like I am an "all or nothing" kind of person. If I have a bad food choice at breakfast, you can be sure that it will carry on the rest of the day because, well, I already blew it. Food for thought: I might even start running if it means eating brownies! :) Plus, runners are sexy and I want that too!
    2344 days ago
    TOTALLY NORMAL, just life kind of stuff! I don't think these are excuses at all, just life, like you said! It's all a balancing game, you've made great choices and then the "sexy greased potato strips of love" kind of choices, but who doesn't? What is life without these sorts of things, a life of deprivation is not a life worth living, in my humble opinion. I love how you surprised Nikhil, you are so sweet!! He's one lucky man. emoticon Can't wait to hear how the 10-miler went!!!
    2344 days ago
    isnt it amazing that some schmuck always has an opinion on what you should be eating when they notice you are losing weight? dont worry, those jerks are even up here!

    hey life gets in the way. one thing i love about running is that it keeps me from suffering from the mistakes that my humanity makes.

    eventually ill get my act together.

    keep at it and dont let da hosers get ya down 'eh?
    2345 days ago
    Better than average is awesome! Little victories add up!
    2345 days ago
    Yep life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it? Alcohol is such a killer for me...always helps me make super bad choices! On to bigger and better things!
    2345 days ago
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