Fell off Wagon big time

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ever since our Thanksgiving dinner (Canada) I have been totally binging, always hungry, eating whatever I want (which included copious amounts of desserts, chips and other carbs from hosting dinner parties twice this week) , and now I am up 6lbs from last week and feeling like utter crap. :( I hate this all-or-nothing thinking!!!!

I was trying to do a lower carb plan before, which may have inflated the loss before due to water release....but it still is a big blow when I eat carbs again and have the scale spring back with a vengeance. Perhaps I should stop doing that. Heh. The initial weight loss is so addicting though from low carb plans!!

I know I shouldn't be doing anything that I am not able to commit to long term, so I think I need to come to terms with the fact that in my life, especially being a vegetarian, carbs happen. Perhaps instead I should focus on the good, complex carbs - whole grains etc. and try to just cut out the processed stuff and sugar.

As I began to tell myself that I am going to start over, and get it right this time, I remembered some sage advice I saw once..."Its time to stop starting over, and to just keep going".....Its so true. Its a journey, and I am going to have times where I mess up....and I just have to pick myself up and keep going. "Starting over" tends to set me up for failure, as there is always an end to the streak. This time I'll just keep on going.

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    2318 days ago
    I think you're right. Carbs are impossible to avoid, so focusing on complex carbs would be better, but don't be too hard on yourself if the simple carbs slip in there a little. My mantra is not to totally deprive myself. When you try to tell yourself you have to stay away from something your mind automatically shifts into "But I want it!" mode. You're probably better to allow yourself to have just a little of what it is you want and just make sure that you don't go overboard. I have always been the type to try to deprive myself of all the bad things I know I shouldn't have, but in the end I always have given in and gone way overboard. This time around I'm just trying to make sure I record what I eat and stay within my calorie budget for the day. So far it is working great and the bonus is that because I am enjoying what I want (or a healthier makeover of it), the crazy cravings are pretty much gone.
    Just keep on going, like you said and you'll get where you want to be. emoticon
    2344 days ago
    I really like that philosophy. No starting over! Just get up and get moving. 3 months from now this 6 lbs won't mean anything. No looking back. You can do it!
    2344 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I think your wagon ran over my butt!! Carbs are so hard to wean from!! I started numbering my food as I prepare it,, veggies are always eaten first to fill me up,, water too..
    2344 days ago
    That's a great way to think, just keep going! I've got some scrapes & bruises from falling off my own wagon a time or two...I just dust myself off and 'keep going'!

    You might as well focus on what's ahead than what's behind!
    2344 days ago
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