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Weigh number one! uh oh...one....ONE.MEAS

Monday, October 17, 2011

This morning I was sitting eating my breakfast (I'm starting to warm to the cardboardiness of weetabix) and it hit me WEIGH IN DAY! Weigh in day was finally here. I leapt from my normal couch potato position in to the bathroom. I gently lay the scales on the ground and removed any excess weight I could. Slowly I stepped onto the scales. My mind was flickering back to the tiny lunches and the insane work outs I'd been doing and I looked down for the magic number...10ST 13!!!!!!!!! Aaaaall that hard work for 1 TINY LITTLE POUND!

Where did it all go wrong I asked myself...maybe it was the entire domino's pizza last night, or that bag of fudge, or the pic n mix, oh and not forgetting scrubbing off my goodbye food cake...oh ok so maaaaybe I wasn't quite as well behaved as I thought! Maybe in my head I'd convinced myself that if I exercised I could still get away with the odd binge and goes what? YOU CAN'T!

My goal for 10st is now officially impossible for 4th of November but BY GUM am I 'm going to give it a good bloody go! I've still got three weeks to get as close to that goal as possible and if I really really try I might be able to hit it for the week after when I have a big night out!

I'm a serial binge eater. I can't think of anything better than kicking back with a movie and a bag of cookies and some cake and maybe a pizza. Does anyone have ANY tips on how to refrain from the binge? I'm not really one for cutting portions so if its in the house it WILL go. I just do not have ythe will power, PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW!
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    Huzzah! It's not just me! Thank you both so much for your support! It's really good to know there are others out there with a face covered in cake and cheese.

    My office is also LITERALLY full of chocolate. I work in an office of 35 or so and someone is always bringing in 'Birthday' cakes or 'Thank you' cakes or 'Oh god it's a Tuesday Morning' cakes. It's hard to resist when you can just whiz past and pick up a bit size flapjack 50 GAZILLION times a day.

    I lost 20lbs last year (it came back with a vengeance) and I still ate chocolate everyday so that theory totally works. but I didn't eat a family size swiss rolls or packets of biscuits, this may be where the problem lies...
    2345 days ago
    Ha-ha, I completely agree with you. I had the "weekend off" and haven't bothered weighing myself today. I love to kick back and snack with sweet things and a movie, my idea of heaven and anyone who disagrees is a mentalist!

    I reckon if you don't deny yourself all week, you're less likely to binge. Say last week, I had this attitude of "I am not going to eat any chocolate!" and so when I was at work and the place was exploding with chocolate, it was literally eeeeverywhere, I felt really irritated, in the end I had one chocolate candy and realised, if you have something sweet now and again, instead of making it forbidden, you do better than not having a sweet say for 8 days then going crazy and ending up with our face in a bowl of cheesecake moaning incoherently. Not that that's ever happened to me, ahem *coughs*.

    So I would say, if you are inclined to eat everything in the house, don't have it in the house, then the horror of actually having to LEAVE THE HOUSE TO BUY BAD FOOD will surely make you think twice. Especially in the winter when it's cold. Or you could just substitute the binge foods for slightly healthier alternatives but then its not as tasty. Hmm what a conundrum.

    Even so you still lost weight despite eating loads of crap, so wahey.
    2345 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    binging is hard! I am starting have trouble with my teeth...so a double motivator to kick the sweets out the door. Salty food, harder...

    I'll tell you what I started doing, it is not fun, but it has changed my behavior.

    1. Pushups and Coach Nicole's workouts...especially the JumpStart...Not just bc it will get me in shape, it reminds me that I need to take better care of myself.

    It was slow to get here. I just found out I have to get FOUR crowns from my dentist. So Halloween will be easy. But if anyone hands out cheese, I have to count to 10 and realize I don't need it.

    2. I track nutrition AM and PM. I actually plan what I am going to eat. My hubby thinks I am weird, but I am determined to lose weight. Before I go to bed, I go back my nutrition and see if I followed my plan. That shook me up.

    Good luck to you. I know it is not easy. I LOVE to eat. I love watching tv and eating. (I cut out tv too...I watch movies every now and then..that was part of the sleep challenge on sp...for myself)...My family loves to eat. Food is such a huge part of my life.

    I also feel you about the stupid scales. I hate them right now. But I will grow to love them again. I am starting love working out again;-)

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2345 days ago

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