Dear me.... where I want to be 8 weeks from now

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear me,

Before i get into what I want things to be like 8 weeks from now, lets recap today, make that yesterday looking at the time.

Food choices weren't the best emoticon. 3 slices of left over pizza, 2 cans of mtn dew, and a fruit pie.... sure they tasted good, and the second can of pop was mainly an attempt to stay awake reading text books for school, but that's not going to help loose weight and inches. Granted we got 4 cups of water in. That's a good thing.

Exercise has been somewhat lacking for a while now. The closest thing we've done when it comes to a work out is going up the stairs to use the computer or bathroom or going down to get something to eat. Not much of a work out.

Things have got to change. Last night Christopher asked about the b word again... you know what that means. emoticon He's thinking babies again, and mentioned trying to get a referral for the fertility clinic out at OHSU.... our current challenge there is that I don't remember the name of the dr I saw a few yrs ago.

School should be done by then for this term, that will free up a lot of time.

Goals to work toward:
*8 cups of water or more every day
*taking our vitamins daily
*eating more fresh fruits & veggies
*exercise more
***GET OUT OF THE 200S emoticon

How cool would it be to wear pants that are sized in the teens instead of the 20s at Christmas?? That would be cool for Thanksgiving as well.
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