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WHAT a Yom Kippur!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Let me begin by saying that I'm semi-observant - I celebrate the Sabbath and the holidays, but I'm not kosher, nor do I fast. (I keeled over onto my mother one year when I was fasting - I've given up, my blood sugar was not made for fasting.)

So DH and I went out for breakfast. We planned to attend the afternoon service, rather than the morning, and stay for the memorial service.

On the drive home, we were stopped by the police - DH is notorious for not wearing his seat belt. Turns out that his license may be expired - the expiration date is cut off on the plastic license, but the date of the license is 2007 and, since licenses here are good for 5 years, it should expire 2012. However, when the cops called in, they said it was expired in 2010. Therefore I had to show my license, and they told me to drive home. (They didn't give him a seat belt citation, just the license thing.)

Now, DH drives a Jeep - and the driver's seat is broken - it's way far back (DH is 6'2", I'm about 5'5" or less), leans back further, and tilts to the left. And while we drive on the left here, we have left-hand drive vehicles - Stateside vehicles but we drive on the other side of the road. So here I am, leaning to the left, right food barely on the gas pedal, driving this bigger-than-my-Yaris vehicle up the winding hills of St. Thomas. Every time we went around a sharp curve, I had to really reach to keep my foot on the gas, since I was being forced in the opposite direction. Once we got off the main road onto our little street, I stopped and told DH he had to go down our driveway - it's about a 45 degree slant, and when you first go over the hill onto the drive, heading downhill, you truly cannot see the road, it's so steep. Plus there's a concrete wall on one side, a drop off on the other, and a curve in the middle - I wasn't trying that while leaning left and barely reaching the gas (although I could reach the brake more easily).

We got inside. The power was off, so no shower. We relaxed, then it was time to go to synagogue. I got dressed, and grabbed the costumes I made for the rabbi - he wanted them for the children's service, and I had to go early to help the adults put on their costumes. (My students took photos of them and should email the pics soon - I'll post - I used big T shirts and do-rags to make Moses, a lighthouse, and the Statue of Liberty - each complete with a flashlight (two on Moses's head) because the common theme was light).

Anyway, I had on a lovely white linen dress and wedge sandals, and ran out of the house - and there was a huge TARANTULA on the walkway!!! In the middle of the walkway!!! Literally the size of a hockey puck!!! Blocking my way to the car, waving his arms/legs and taking little hops at me!!!! I of course shrieked, and DH came to my rescue - he grabbed a shovel and scooped up the tarantula, who of course ran all over and eventually jumped off into my flower bed, at which point DH smacked him with the shovel and killed him.

I raced up to my car and drove down to synagogue, helped the adults into their costumes, got the kids ready with flashlight (lighthouse keeper), poem (Emma Lazarus), and timbrels (Miriam). Was there for the children's service, the adult service (I said the blessings before and after the Haftorah, and let me tell you, the after blessing is looooooong and not easy in Hebrew!) - and then, just as the rabbi was ready to put the Torah away, the power went out at synagogue. So the fans stopped, the lights went out, and we finished the service and moved into the memorial service in the semi-twilight. Which actually was kind of nice and calming after such a crazy early part of the day!!!!!

Anyway, Happy 5772 to all my Jewish Spark buddies!!!!!! And may your house be safe from tarantulas!!!!
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    oy our YK wasn't that exciting. And I believe many of the tarantulas here in Kansas and Oklahoma are on the endangered species list and not to be killed. However my DH and son both kill them as they see them. They claim that the tarantulas endanger themselves by popping up to scare everyone!! (I've held them before, they aren't all poisonous.).

    Never been in St.Thomas, though I think my sister went to St. Thomas or maybe St. Kitts? one of the other islands nearby (seems it was more French??).

    2341 days ago
    Oh, my: this was memorable indeed! Love nature but . . . there are exceptions and tarantulas would be one of those, especially at that size!

    Thanks for commenting on my "model" blog . . . totally undeserved but a great reminder to say the nice thing!!
    2350 days ago
    WOW! That is way too much for one day!!!
    2352 days ago
    Yeah, it was pretty funny - although that tarantula really scared me! But the ride up the hill was kind of like a Carnival ride - fortunately NOT bumper cars, LOL!
    2354 days ago
    emoticon My goodness, you made me laugh! Sorry it might not have been funny to you but the way you told the story was hilarious!

    I don't always eat Kosher but I do Pareve. For Yom Kippur, I did the fast but I felt so weak that I didn't have the strengh to get out of bed to attend the services at the Synagogues as I had intended... emoticon

    Happy 5772 to you and your family too! emoticon emoticon
    2354 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/11/2011 11:17:39 AM
    Besides the license thing, it sounds like a lovely day.
    2354 days ago
  • SAPNA.
    What are the costumes for?
    2354 days ago
    Having sidewalks would also be a good reason to walk on Yom Kippur too, LOL - trust me, our roads here were not made for walking!
    2354 days ago
    That was quite a Yom Kippur. Even if you don't keep kosher, it's a good argument for not driving on Shabbat and yom tovim. (And BTW, Jews are expressly forbidden to fast if it makes them ill.)
    P.S. I've always fantasized about living on a tropical island. Thank you for reminding me that the snow and ice of winter in Ohio is more than a fair tradeoff for not having to deal with tarantulas and other poisonous wild creatures. (We don't even have any type of poisonous snakes here.)
    2354 days ago

    PHEBESS, it sounds like quite the day for you. I am glad that everything was right in the end and that your DH killed the tarantula. Let's hope he doesn't have any vengeful relatives lol.

    My father was married to a Jewish lady who, as you, was not kosher and she did a big feast for Hannuka/Christmas for all the family. Her children and grandchildren are kosher so she had to make two completely different meals on separate days so the gentile food did not contaminate the kosher food. Looking back on all the work she did, it must have taken hours in the kitchen.

    Happy 5772 to you and may your house be blessed and kept safe from tarantulas.

    2354 days ago
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