So I messed up...so what??

Monday, October 10, 2011

I already knew yesterday while getting ready for church that I was going to over-eat. It was Homecoming, and there was gonna be tons of delicious food there. I'm wise enough to know that while I have good will-power at the grocery store, I'm not strong enough to withstand all that temptation - so I didn't.

I knew the calories were gonna be horrific, even as I was eating it, but honestly, it was so unbelievably delicious, I didn't even care. Then, today, as I stare in somewhat disbelief at the numbers on my food tracker - and yes, I tried to count every one - I am pretty amazed...but not appalled.

Including dinner, but skipping breakfast, I consumed nearly 3,000 calories in a day. That's 2 days worth of food. I also didn't exercise, since by the time Destiny and I got home, I was full and exhausted. No excuses from me - I simply didn't FEEL like it.

The most surprising thing was that when I got home 2 hours later and checked my blood sugar, it was okay - a mere 151...when before if I ate a couple of hotdogs, it would shoot up to almost 300. Go figure.

So, here's what I ate: (approx. & maybe more than) 1 cup of spaghetti with meat sauce, 1 cup of potato salad, 1 cup or a little over of mac n cheese, and 1 cup of sweet potato casserole. OH, and I didn't even add dessert to my tracker, so yeah, I blew through the 3,000 cal. mark. Dessert, by the way, was a small slice of German Chocolate cake.

So, there you have it. I cheated, big time...but do I feel badly about it? Nope. Here's why:

1. I am only human - I'm going to make mistakes, use bad judgement, etc.
2. I ENJOYED myself. I had a good time, and ate what I love.
3. I don't do it every day - or even once a month...but if I did it once a month, so be it.
4. Depriving myself will only make me want it more, thus causing me to give up on my weight loss.
5. I'm thinking realisticly - experts say it takes 3,500 calories to cause 1-lb in weight gain...so I gain a pound - I do that sometimes even when I'm being good! It's a POUND - not a dress-size.
6. - and here's the most important one: TODAY'S A NEW DAY!!

I refuse to beat myself up over something that I did on a special occasion...and you know what? Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up too - and i won't deprive myself then, either. So what if I don't meet my goal by the date I chose? I WILL meet it...it's just gonna take more hard work to get there. Do I think my over-eating is okay? No. Only on special occasions, and even then it just means that I'm gonna have to bust my butt to get rid of those calories...but hey, that's okay.

I'm in control here...and if I say go for it and eat, I will. Because then I will also say "Get your butt on that treadmill and get back to work!" It's all give and take - but I'd rather be happy and indulge once and a while than to be miserable and deprived...but, hey, that's just me.

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