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When Asked How I Iost almost 50 pounds ...Here is what I said...Eating whatever I want... BUT and he

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Eating whatever i want... BUT and here is the kicker... I eat healthy foods because that's what I WANT mostly now. Thanks to Dr. Oz and Sparkpeople.com (which it is a completely web site that tracks all your calories for you and a WONDERFUL support group) ..Now I eat all whole grains... nuts ..eat only heart healthy oils,... hemp seeds, chia seeds, Greek yogurt plain with nuts and seeds on it..
Hey non-fat yogurt and non fat cream cheese are great in sauces...... I eat a few nuts each day ....almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, lots of fruits and veggies, low or non fat milk.

When I eat naughty foods.. I eat just a few bites and fill up on a salad with 1 T. olive oil, and lots of lemon juice.. yummy I am addicted to that salad dressing now....

I have done a lot of studying one the best foods for our bodies and I have incorporated most of them into my meals. Knowing what and why I am putting certain things in my body helps me make better choices. I am still working on new ones that learn about or find ways I can use things I am not that fond of but are great for me..LIKE SALMON.

I eat almond butter with flax seed from Trader Joes... Rice Pops from frys markets, really healthy breads, Sweet Chili Quakes instead of potato chips... My own homemade popcorn where I use only 2 T. coconut oil to make it in a whole kettle full.

I have just tried things that are healthy that I like. I eat lots of beans and hummus, Pretzels. I make my own breakfast bars, and muffins using only great things.. whole wheat flour, and wheat germ, chia seeds, hemp seeds, long cook old fashion oatmeal.. and fruits. ...... so that's it in a nut shell if you want more detail let me know.

All I know is it is not a DIET... it is a lifestyle change that i made this past Jan. I am loving it. when I was able to put on a skirt that I bought a few weeks ago that I could not zip up.. and I put it on this morning.. and it FIT.. I started to cry... I was so happy that the changes are showing up .. Almost 50 lighter..

I have started Yoga yesterday.. another thing I am doing for my mind and body.. I like getting a double whammy.... HUGs
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