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My attempt at running.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Well, I am a bit irritated at my body right now. I guess I want my body to do more than it can right now. I have been so inspired by others here on SP going from little or no exercise to running in 5 & 10K races. Their stories are amazing and so motivating! My daughter (by marriage - as I hate the label "in-law") is one of my inspirations. I have been so moved that I signed up for the Virtual 5K Walk/Run training and race. My first day out walking and doing jogging intervals, I re-injured my knee and hip. My initial feelings at the time were very negative. Here others with more challenges than I have are able to press forward and accomplish so much and here I was wimping out on the first day!

I am working on improving my self-talk to be kinder and more positive but the nagging question remains, why did I wait so long to try and get into shape? This is another story and one that I am trying to work onas the question is like an onion. After peeling the layer away there remains another layer to peel. Hopefully someday soon I will have peeled all of the layers away - Part of my 100-Day challenge here on SP. Thank God for Spark People! This is an amazing site with such wonderful people and support.

Well, for now I am now signed up on the Virtual Walking 5K race. Running will have to wait. My goal is to strengthen my legs and get to the point where I can join some of my inspiring SP friends and run at a latter date. Until that day I will continue to keep putting one foot in front of another and walk in my first 5K race. Like the saying goes, "It will be better to finish last then to not finish at all."

Love, Light & Peace,

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    I had never run in my life and I discovered I LOVED it... but it didn't love me. Too many injuries later I have had to accept that my body is just not built for running. At first I got all grumpy and depressed, but I have come to terms with it now. I can walk, I can dance, I can find all sorts of extra ways to add ST interest into my cardio... one of my favourites lately is to throw my water bottle from hand to hand while I walk, or do bicep curls and side lifts with it... increases the interest and the workout while I keep moving forward :D Hope you work out what works for you!
    2318 days ago
    Sheila, none of us can go from nothing to a 5K, much less anything further, so please don't be made at your body. Everything gradual is best, from adopting new habits to being able to go the distance with running.

    In reading your post three things jump out at me - and they are important to change because our minds are extremely influential. First, never compare yourself to anyone else. Compete only with you. Improve only based on what you can do, not what anyone else can. Second, love yourself and be kind. Third, don't look back. Guilt and regret are paralyzing. They keep us rooted in the past, beating ourselves up for what we didn't do or could have done better. I say, "Shrink it and send it away!" Yesterday is gone and can't be changed - it's history. But today! Today is yours and what you do today will shape your tomorrow. Believe in yourself - give it your all (gradually) and keep reaching for your dreams...
    2351 days ago
  • JUDIL62
    Keep focusing on the positive that you do. Losing weight is such a mental endeavor. You can do it!

    2352 days ago
    Glad you found an alternative when you couldn't do what you first wanted. When starting running build up very slowly. The c25k program (couch to 5k) found at is a great way to build up the endurance slowly. Spark your way to a 5k is also good. Run slow and build the endurance and worry about speed later. But first of all let your hip and knee heal. The walking for the virtual 5k walk will help with your muscles. I've had to start over with running several times over the past 2 years. Also do cross training exercises like calf lifts, squats, etc to help build the leg muscles or do bike riding or other things. It will help with your walking or running. Good luck on whatever you decide to do!
    2354 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    I wish I could run, but I know I never will. Walking and other exercises are my thing.
    2354 days ago
    You have to walk before you can run... not sure who said that, but it's true. I'm really inspired by those who just up and run a 10K as well. However, my body's not made for that. I've been walking 5K's and virtual 5K's for more than a year. This November will be my first "running" 5k. Take your time and you'll get there. And YES, positive self talk makes all the difference : )
    2354 days ago
    I loved the 5K Your Way Walking Program. There is no shame in walking first. I completed my first 5K two weeks ago and only trained walking but, was so excited during the race I actually jogged some of it.

    You will get there. Just be patient. If you injury your body you won't be able to do any of it so be kind to yourself. A brisk walk can definitely be a challenge in itself.

    Just have fun with it!
    emoticon emoticon
    2354 days ago
    Hi...I am also signed up for the Virtual 5 K Walk. I keep trying the running but so far no knees and hips are NOT as interested as I am. While I am still determined to keep trying...I have added bike riding to help strengthen my legs and my stamina! Keep moving any way you can.
    2354 days ago
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