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My Foot Hurts!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The time to write my first blog has come! I have been having a rough patch and today was not pretty!

I signed up to do the Trick or Treat Trot and was ridiculously proud of myself that I finished the first training session for the 5K Your Way Running Plan on Saturday. I have never been good at running and it took so much positive thinking to get through it. (More on that later.) But afterward I felt invincible!! I walked an additional few miles during the day (about 12 minutes to complete 45 minutes at the gym to make it to 3.5 miles, some more at work, and then some when I went out that night).

On Sunday my left foot's arch started to get pretty painful. I was going to wait to buy running shoes until I tried a good run just so it wasn't a waste. I feel so dumb that I ran/walked over 3.5 miles while at the gym in junky shoes! I have bad feet to begin with. What a regret now!

I thought the pain would have gone away by today. But it was rough. I was hobbling around and work starting to have a noticeable limp. I have had friends with plantar fasciitis and thought that sounded similar. I decided to look it up today and I burst into tears when I read it takes 6-8 weeks for the pain to clear up!

I am sorry to say I was really hard on myself all of a sudden after reading that, thinking why the heck I had to bother with running because now I have screwed up my workout schedule! I think I am more upset at how mean and negative I was to myself during those couple minutes than I am about the actual pain.

As a back story, I was NOT an athletically inclined child - last picked for many a team, easily intimidated and embarrassed during physical challenges, etc. I think this was actually my biggest hurdle to embracing working out. I associated a lot of bad things with being physically active. But I got over it and have felt great about it! Up until today. When I got upset I started thinking I was the same little uncoordinated twit I was in middle school gym class. All of the really positive thinking I had done while running and then the positive feelings afterward were out the window! It was an ugly couple of minutes inside my head. Not being able to go pound out a good workout on the elliptical or tread mill because of the pain isn't helping either! I am a little up on my weight too - I think because I have drank more wine and had more sodium lately.

I am trying to focus on the positive things I can do to help it get better. I already did the frozen water bottle thing and I am taking regular ibuprofen doses. I am not planning on doing any workouts on my feet for the next week or two - I will try the stationary bikes and maybe some boxing without any kicking. But I am going to Vegas this weekend and I will have to be on my feet walking around and going out dancing. I want to get a good pair of shoes but I can't pick out which ones feel good until my foot stops hurting! I am pretty sure I want to keep running after all this goes away - hoping that it does!

Have you guys ever dealt with plantar fasciitis? How long did it take to go away? Any other tips or tricks to help? If it isn't getting better by next week, I want to make an appointment with a doctor.

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    I'm so sorry Liz.... how frustrating. Not just for the pain of Plantar Fasciitis, but also for the feelings it seems that it stirred in you about your childhood. It is great that you are trying to improve yourself, and once you get into running... you will find it's a great escape.

    Regarding Plantar Fasciitis, unfortunately, I have had the misfortune of having it. With that said, I will give you an exercise my doctor had me do... it will not only stretch and strengthen your foot, but will also help you identify if PF is the issue you have.

    This is a bit strange, but when your in the shower, get a washcloth wet and drop it on the floor. Put your foot (hopefully it is just one) over the washcloth and stretch your toes out and lay your foot over the top of the washcloth, and then scrunch your toes toward the back of your foot to pick it up. It takes some practice to get the coordination (at least it did for me). However, once you do it, if it hurts... you may vary well have PF. Keep dropping the cloth and picking it up, until you can pick it up several times. Again, keep this up and it will help over time. At least it did for me.

    Best of luck Liz, and keep up the great work!

    By the way...I hope you take some pics in Vegas.

    2356 days ago
  • RIVER331
    Stay positive, friend! It's such a bummer that your foot is giving you trouble right off the bat, but it's fantastic that you're challenging yourself with new kinds of fitness! I've never been athletic either, but learning to run is bringing many challenges & joys. I trust it will for you, too - as soon as your foot heals & you get some super snazzy foot - lovin' running shoes! Take care in Vegas!

    2357 days ago
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