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Dream Ride

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I rarely remember my dreams. I'm sure I still dream...but it's only once a year or so that I remember my dreams.

Today I didn't have much time for my ride as it was late in the day and I knew it would be a race against the sunset. To make it more of a challenge I decided to tackle Belden Hill from two different routes. Within the 30 miles of my ride I climbed over 2,000 feet!

Here is the map of my ride which includes the various elevations:


Last year that first little blip of a hill around the 3 mile marker...? THAT would have been a challenge for me! You can see how much I blew that away with the climbs I did during the rest of the ride!

After working hard climbing route 79 through tiny, virtually non-existent towns in name only such as Quinneville and North Fenton for my first descent, I reached the summit with trees crowding both sides of the road. As I pushed on through the road pulled me out into a breathtaking vista sprawling on and on before me and down I FLEW into the valley straight and true, never touching the brakes as the road was in perfect condition. I'm betting I hit between 40-50 mph whizzing by a tractor, the only other vehicle on the road as far as I could see.

Not much rest after that descent before, heading westward into the sun which was moving closer to the horizon, I'm climbing again. During this descent, feeling the sun fueling my ride it occurs to me:

As a little boy I used to have recurring dreams of flying. Usually they would begin by stumbling as I'm walking down a stairwell. Except instead of falling I spread my arms and glide through the air! I'm betting it was a way for me to find a way out of my obesity and being able to move my body through the world in ways of which I could only dream.

When I'm streaking on down these hills it feels so much like I felt during these dreams...! At least as close as one can come within the limits of the physics of this world! Tapping into these memories it dawned on me why cycling means so much to me!

I typically struggle so much to let the child within come out to play...but not on my bike! Very similar feeling also to those years spent swimming in Lake Michigan for hours on end. Fearless and reckless like a little boy, just having a blast! Living life to the fullest!

Today? Woo hoo-ing, laughing and smiling as I sailed into the setting sun ( runnin' into the sun... www.youtube.com/watch?v=
)...it was such a fine, fine day!


ps...while I've slacked in racking up the miles as these colder, darker days with more rain have been plenty, I've still racked an impressive 1739 miles so far this cycling season.
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