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I ate a cookie! omg... And some food pics :-)

Saturday, October 01, 2011

What a good day I've had today! Why? Because I made it a good one! That's why!

I woke up this morning feeling great. DIDN'T stub my toe. haha! Put on my (expensive omg) nike spinning (tight!! wow) pants. I feel good so I must look good right? Well I don't know but I love the way I look in them :) Maybe I'll take another pic one of these days. Perhaps tomorrow before spinning.

Spinning was eh...not so much fun but I still pushed myself. I enjoyed it to a point. The instructor wasn't as fabulous as the other instructors I have had. She was OK. She needs to smile more and the songs she chose were a bit depressing! Don't get me wrong, slow songs are great for uphill, lots of resistance type stuff but I'm the type of girl that likes a mix of things. And I LOVE instructors that smile MORE. I mean, this girl didn't even smile once. She explained a little too much and didn't work as hard as the other instructors I have had. Boy am I picky huh? :) Actually, with each new instructor I have I take it as a learning experience. I PICK the things I like about them and hopefully someday I'll be able to put myself together out of all those little pieces I picked up. Ya know?? I want to be an AWESOME spinning instructor someday!!! Heck yeah! :)

Anyway, I came home, got ready. We went to go look at some gorgeous model homes. We are exploring our options and these new homes are WOW! They are like NOTHING I have ever dreamed of! I thought this home we live in now was a dream home! It's nothing compared to the ones we saw today. Gorgeous!!! :)

And you know how they have cookies at places like these? Well they were calling my name!!! I had one. ONLY ONE! Oh hallelujah! I am working on my willpower. I just had to have ONE. One was enough. :-) I figured since I had a low calorie (but filling!) lunch I could "afford" to have just one cookie. It was SO GOOD! Wow!! It was hard not grabbing another.

For breakfast this morning I had PB oatmeal except without the actual peanut butter. I just made it with PB2 powder and cocoa powder and sliced half a banana on top.

It kept me quite full until after spin class. I was pretty hungry by the time I got home. I had half a scoop of protein powder with almond milk. Around 100ish calories or so. It kept me satisfied for a little while until lunch.

For lunch I had a sort of omelet I guess. Eggbeaters, peppers (from last nights dinner), spinach, and cheese. Carrots on the side. That's plain low fat yogurt you see there. I made "yogurt cheese" a few days ago (when I was making my healthy mac and cheese) and for some reason after taking out excess liquid it tastes so much better. Hmm weird. It's good. I even had some in a sandwich the other day. Anyway, and of course I had some salsa. Homemade. I calculated somewhere around 250-280 calories for this lunch! Crazy! It was so big though! The peppers really made it more filling. :)

OK so for dinner we had ... more peppers! Yeah. They were on sale at the store and I figured I would make stuffed peppers for dinner. I tried a new recipe. It sounded pretty good. Clean eating recipe online. Instead of using poblano peppers I used bell peppers. The recipe called for green bell peppers but my trainer, and other people, have said the other colored peppers are more nutritious then the green. Lucky me those were the only ones on sale. Weird? :-P I bought about 10 of them. $1 each.

Looks GOOD huh? It WAS good. Especially the filling. The filling was brown rice, red beans, zucchini, cilantro, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and corn. Some seasonings and a bit of olive oil.

I could seriously eat this as is! Just like a salad. So good! I think I AM going to eat the leftovers tomorrow. Just like that! :-P

Preparing it all.

Ok so I DID like this meal. It was very nutritious but yet I felt like something was missing. Something. I don't know. I am thinking either more fat or more protein? I can't quite put my finger on it. I was left satisfied but still hungry. Weird? I don't know. I'll be asking my trainer about it later on. It was good though and I'll definitely be making them again. I think maybe next time I'll try adding ground turkey. =)

Oh yes and I HAVE to share this. I don't know if I ever did. I was making "healthy" mac and cheese last week and this is what it took to make it. LOL

Crazy huh? :) I look forward to making it again though. I'll be more prepared next time I think though.

And making the yogurt "cheese". I'll have to try again later. It's OK and tastes pretty good to me. Not as strong as just plain yogurt. I didn't get too much liquid out the first day but after the second day there was more. Hmm.

A little messy perhaps but I find myself using it a lot! In sandwiches, with my fruit or veggies, even with my breakfast and lunch. :)


My calories for today is right around 1300. I'm thinking more towards 1400. But that's OK. I'm still a lot lower than I have been before. AND I have been trying my hardest not to munch so much! Just throw it away! DO NOT PUT (leftover kids food) IN MOUTH! Throw away! It won't hurt. :) Well maybe I can eat that last carrot they didn't want?? lol

OK well I'm going to see about catching up on Vampire Diaries. I have MANY episodes left of the last season! I'll never catch up! Ahh!!

On tomorrows workout menu: Zumba and Spinning! :-D Can't wait! Clothes are washed and ready to go! Can't wait to sweat :-P ha!

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    Wow looks good! I will have to try your lunch and dinner!
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    yum need to try that
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