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Saturday, October 01, 2011

I have to be honest and talk about the rut I have been in lately. I kept up the working out and eating right but yet my weight nor my measurements were coming down. Actually, I kept gaining weight and my measurements kept going up! Finally I got myself to a stable 237 but I can't seem to get down past 236. Discouraged I just stopped taking my weight loss seriously. I hadn't worked out in a couple of weeks, I started eating slightly crappy, and I felt disgusting and hated how I was looking in my clothes (again). So today I wake up and see a dress I bought back in 2007. The dress isn't all that special, but I thought it was cute and bought it for like $3 just to discover that I couldn't fit it. I kept trying this dress on throughout my weight loss journey that started last year and I never could zip it up. I just figured I'd never be able to wear this dress. Curiosity got the best of me this morning and I tried it on and GASP! It fits!!! I was so happy there are no words to describe it! Sure it isn't baggy, its kind of snug, but it fits! I can sit down in it without feeling like I'm going to burst out of it. In a couple of more pounds (or inches) it will fit perfectly. Its little things like fitting a simple dress that kick me back into gear, that make me feel like all of my hard work was not wasted. I'm going to get back on track. This journey is far from over! Best wishes in all of your weight loss journeys!
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