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Time to face my addiction (to running)

Friday, September 30, 2011

I've been in denial about being addicted to something I used to hate, but a few thoughts that have skittered through my mind lately have finally led me to admit I have a problem.

"Should I feel worried that I wanted to throw up after running? I'd hate to have to tone it down just so I don't throw up afterward."

"Thank goodness it's lunch time so I can go run."

"I've already gone two and a half miles, and it's only 6:30 am. I might as well just do a 5K."

"I don't want to read my book while I run today; it will distract me from how good this feels."

"If I lose more weight, it will be easier for me to run."

"Maybe I should cut all my hair off so I don't have to worry about fixing it after I run on my lunch break."

"I wish I didn't have to stop yet."

Edited to add: Thanks for being concerned, those of you who took this seriously. I have only been doing between 11- and 13-minute miles, which is not very fast. I'm on a cushioned treadmill and have done a couple of tests to be sure I have no pronation issues. Heck, I barely even get sore on my longest runs, and have never run longer than 30 minutes at a time or even combo walked/run for more than an hour. The one time I started hurting more the longer I went, I stopped far short of my usual daily amount so I'd be sure I hadn't injured myself. I've gotten queasy twice, both times after a 5K distance, but the nausea passed quickly, and I think it was just a result of not taking time to cool down properly before taking a cool shower. I generally do 6 - 10 miles in a week, and always take at least one (but often two) full days off each week.

Heck, I even took this quiz: www.sparkpeople.com/reso
It told me "You have a healthy relationship with exercise."

This was tongue in cheek. I'm loving running, and didn't realize that it might seem like I was being serious until after your comments got me to re-read it.
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