I don't have a fancy biking outfit

Friday, September 30, 2011

i don't wear colorful spandex.
i don't have the flippy cap.
i don't have a heart rate monitor or whatever those backpacks are called that are just for water.
i do have a basket on my bicycle and in that, i carry a big thermos i found at the thrift store...
i fill it with ice water and go.
i keep on whatever i am wearing at the moment i decide i am going.
today i realized i am unhappy on days i do not bike.
i don't know if it's the exercise i've been getting (endorphins/sense of accomplishment) or if it's the simple act of being on a bicycle that is bringing me a better sense of peace/self.
i have fun with it.
it's a childlike act when i do it.
i don't take it seriously like i would say, bikram yoga or even running on a treadmill.
the truth is; i don't want to focus on the fact that i'm WORKING out.
sucks the FUN out of it for me.
at the end, sure i'm winded. i get sore. i do lug an added 70lbs worth of kids behind me (toddlers in a bike trailer) on 3 pretty steep inclines on the way back from my current route.
infact, it's almost ALL uphill on the way back but more importantly for me, it's FUN!
i listen to my ipod in one ear and belt out anything from
"i wanna be sedated"(the ramones) to
"40 day dream" (edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros)
in an attempt to both embarrass the snot out of my tween and distract myself of any sense of lower body pain/progress.
i sweat. i hurt. sometimes i don't want to go at all.
i do though. i decided i would stop thinking about it all together and just do it.
once i'm out, i have such a sense of freedom and playfulness.
sure, i come across pros seemingly flying past at top speeds with calves of steel, coconut cracking thighs and colorful spandex outfits but they usually meet me with a smile and wave at my kids. the scowlers and noses in the air types can bite me. not a fan of those in ANY setting.
i've become a "regular" on that stretch of bike path and in another few weeks, i'll likely be on a first name basis with some hardcore bike geeks. ok, maybe not but they'll know me as "that one woman pulling the two kids in the bike trailer, you know the one."
the new bike is not as pretty as the last but it's FAN-EFFING-TASTIC in terms of it's own weight, tire size and gears.
i've been able to cut from 7mi/70mins to 7mi/45mins
and seriously, i HAVE to bike on the daily. even if it's just to the post office (1mi) or to pick up my daughter from preschool (1.5mi).
i guess i'm lucky climate allows, i don't know what i'm going to do when it rains.
maybe bikram yoga.

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