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Bingeus Interruptus

Monday, September 26, 2011

Re yesterday's blog, case in point:

9:00am - Hurt feelings!
9:01am - Head spinning!-what to do?-ouch!-what to do?-ouch!-hurts!-spiraling!-wh
at to do?
9:03am - Food-fatty food....lots of it...
9:05am - Pizza?
9:07am - Gotta get dressed first-gotta wait for pizza parlor to open...ouuuuuch..
9:08am - friend feed...get dressed...
9:45am - Chipotle? (self to self: "At least it's quality food"..and still stuff-worthy)..
9:46am - Maybe Chipotle AND M&M's? A long haul numbing? Zone out for hours?
9:47am - Yes, my former demon! I need you! I want you! Ahhh, the comfort of the familiar..
9:48am - Grocery store-M&M's on sale-meant to be! Too far to Chipotle-can't wait...
9:49am - Freezer Aisle -hmmmm, corn dogs? Gross& totally binge-worthy..yes, corn dogs..
10:15am- First corn dog down the hatch-(from microwave)-wait for #2 to brown in oven..
10:30am-Second corn dog down..
10:40am-Check nutrition label..(cos I'm still gonna track it)...
10:41am-Hmmm..crapola food but so far only 460 calories..bit of a surprise..
10:45am-Listen to tinkle of M&M's as 12.6oz. drop into glass bowl..ready for a fix..
11:00am-Uhhhh.....these don't taste so great- kinda full- think I'm done..
11:05am-Measure what remains in bowl- 8.25oz- therefore ate 4.35oz=640 calories..
11:07am-Enter binge into tracker..1100 calories
11:08am-1100 calories????? Day is still salvageable!!

And I'm OK now! My past M.O. was to down that whole baby no matter how damn sick it made me feel, which I had every intention of doing today! Stop eating a bag of M&M's only a quarter of the way through? What?? Like abandoning a lover! ME???? Something's changed...something has definitely changed...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am glad you took control of this. I have had times where I think, "I want to eat this!" and make a big bowl of whatever, and then I don't finish it, or give it to my husband and kids or just throw it out. It's an amazing feeling to realize that food does not control us.
    2151 days ago
    I am so proud of you!!!! Not only did you recognize your feelings and the reason for the binge but you tracked everything and stopped before everything was gone! High fives to you!!!! It is amazing how much our minds work alike, I'm just not as far along as you are with bingeing responsibly....I'm working on it though. Thanks for sharing and letting me know that it can be overcome!!!!
    2153 days ago
    So glad that something has changed for you and you were able to stop the binge. I feel the same way....something has changed since I started with Spark, and I am so happy about it. Baby steps!
    2154 days ago
    I loved reading this. You have such a great attitude and such a wonderful way of sharing your inner monologue.
    2154 days ago
    *FIST PUMP* YOU dear friend are amazing and so strong. In the midst of a binge were your present enough to say enough is enough. LOVE IT!
    2154 days ago
    WOW. Just WOW.

    You rock!

    Hugs and high fives!
    2155 days ago

    That is progress my friend! I'm proud of you for tracking, and for recognizing that you felt full!
    2155 days ago
    Oh wow. This is so beautiful. I know this feeling, I do - but I generally am not as good as you, I don't stop while I am ahead. God bless ya. I hope something changes with me, too.
    2155 days ago
    I'm so impressed. We have all been there. Isn't that really what got us all HERE in the first place?

    And I'm humbled that you shared this - very brave. And inspiring. What a great thing you managed. You binged AND stopped. AND didn't totally destroy the day. How COOL is that.

    Congrats. :)
    2155 days ago
    So i got up the nerve to read this a few hours AFTER reading your 'success' blog and yessss this is success on the other side of the coin. The penny is dropping-- the honesty it takes to share these things is not always pretty, but it is beautiful.

    dD emoticon
    2155 days ago
    I like this blog, so true, and even in the binge madness you managed to track it all and stay in control. Quite impressive.
    2155 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Wow, I am so awed by the fact that you did not continue on the binge. I sure know what you mean about the all or nothing syndrome. You are my heroine.
    2155 days ago
  • THOCK1
    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
    2155 days ago
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