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Thanks for caring. Finally did my homework.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I always told our sons never to leave their homework till the last minute. That's just what I did today.

I slept better but oh my aching back so I took Ibuprofen and got a splitting headache. DH reminded me that I was not supposed to take ibuprofen because it gives me headaches. DUH, where is my brain some days.

I went outside and it was nice so I looked around the yard and next thing I was moving more plants to other places. We were going to have a fence put in the back yard that opens to the street but that did not happen so we are going to do it ourselves. It is only 4 panels and five posts so we will be shopping for it tomorrow.

I had taken the fixings out of the freezer for the beef Broccoli recipe on Spark today so I sliced and weighed the beef and decided to do half a recipe 2 servings. DH found the meat to be tough so next time it will be done with chicken. That is so much more reliable for DH, he really does not care for beef. We did like the mix though but I used broccoli and cauliflower and it was great.

Then and only then did I remember I had Art homework to do, we were supposed to finish our painting at home. I got that done.

I was asked to read a book on the internet, I had a sore back so I printed it. It was a short book but it took a while to print. Almost 100 pages but I made it have nice big print for my old eyes. I will read it tomorrow.

Now I will go to the gazelle and set the timer so I do not overdo it. I have to do it otherwise I am not just achy I will be stiff also.

I really need my acupuncture appointment.

Having classes and doing yard work are both fun but there are only so many hours in a day. I have done 90 minutes in the yard so I can do a little less.

Thank you Spark friends for your comments.

Having no family to talk to means my friends out there are fantastic substitutes and give me support all the time.
Thanks it helped.
DH did what he could and it proved to be quite adequate,

HUGS to all of you Pat in Maine.
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