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Having a bad day

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh my God! I'm sooo frustrated.

Yesterday was a horrible day. You know how they say bad things happen in threes? Boy where they right.

Yesterday an old friend calls to tell me some bad news, and I don't know how to react because I hadn't talked to her in like 3 years and we aren't really friends anymore. At one point in my life we were as close as sisters but we drifted apart and now she's back in my life..............? I don't know what to think about that...

Next up my best friend, well he's closer then that he's more like a brother to me, tells me that he might get fired from his dream job and is so upset he's considering moving to Mexico permanently. I can't even begin to tell you about the hole that will leave in my life if he decides to go.

Last but far from least, I go to dinner with my mom and sister. At first everything went fine on the ride home though they get into a HUGE fight. Not just Huge.... APOCALYPTIC!!!! It was only a 45 minute ride but it was by far the longest ride of my life. Trapped in the car with them I had no choice but sit there in shock and awe. There still not talking to each other....

The thing is I know I KNOW I shouldn't let it get to me but I can't seem to stop caring.

If all that wasn't bad enough the stress is making it twice as hard to stay on my diet.

I exercised today (Turbo Jam) but it was like.... the lights were on but nobody was home. I just went through the motions, no heart, no energy, no motivation.

I kind of pissed me off. It's like "don't I have enough to deal with?" Isn't it enough that I have to battle my own demons?

Maybe you guys can help me out, how do you guys deal with outside stress? Really any advice you guys can give me is welcome because I'm clueless right now.

Having a bad day.
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    If I have a stressful day I put all my stress and whatever emotion I'm having into my workout. Be super proud that you at least DID the workout. Think of how you would be feeling if you didn't bother at all. Sometimes doing an easy yoga helps me with stress before or after a workout. It doesn't take the stress away but it helps loosen up my body for the workout.

    I'm sorry you had such a bad day and I'll be praying for all your troubles and your friends and family. Stay strong girl!
    2363 days ago
    @ PaRISTASAI- You're very right I should pray on it. That's what my dad says all the time. Thanks for the advise!

    @JUSTLYLE- lol I love that "If it's not your life or your Wife" Your right I'll try not to sweat it too much. I'm really sorry to hear about your tractors :( I hope everything works out.
    2367 days ago
    I think patience must come with age, anyway it did with me. I am sooooo much better to handle stress now than when younger.
    Always told my boys, " If it's not your life or your Wife" don't stress it!
    Was reminded of this this week when two of my tractors broke down just as I am preparing them for the BUSY harvest season.
    Have a great weekend.

    Skeeter emoticon
    2367 days ago
    Good job exercising--even if you were just going through the motions! I don't know what to say about the bad day, except that it really sounded like a bad day. Breathing helps me, and taking b vitamins and eating yogurt. All those things are for those other people to deal with. Pray for them. It will be exciting to see how God works it all out!
    2367 days ago
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