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First Half Marathon, Oh Yeah!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time to celebrate! On September 18, 2011, I walked my first half-marathon (Capital City River Run) without training. I wouldn't recommend doing this because you can seriously injure yourself. Yes, even if you're walking. I have walked 6 miles at a time before so I rationalized doing this by saying if I can walk six miles forward I can walk six miles back. How silly was that? But you know what, it worked! If nothing else, I am persistent and I talked myself in and out of doing the HM for more than six months. How silly was that? I knew I could walk more than three miles (5K) at a time, but was not sure I had the endurance to pull off 13 whole miles.

Why in the name of all that is good and right would they chose 13 miles as a goal?!? I understand that it is half of a marathon (26 miles). But why 26? Why not a nice even 25? (irony intended) But I digress. I am not a competitive walker, but they welcomed walkers as long as they can complete the course in 4:20. That's a 20 minute mile. I figured I could leisurely stroll my way across the finish line. I literally did it in 3:40. Yay me! I screwed up my time because I dropped my mp3 player and went back to find it. (Booo). Never did find it. (Double booo). But I finished it and am proud for getting out of my own way and just doing it.

Looking forward to improving my time in next year's race. Also plan to use duct tape to secure my replacement mp3 player.
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