The Big Shift

Sunday, September 18, 2011

From my tumblr blog:


Things They Never Tell You About Weight Loss & Working Out Number 10,227:

One of the things no one ever tells you about losing weight and working out is...

The Big Shift.

That's when the eating right and workouts are doing their thing, and you've got your fat on the run and it's literally being muscled out of the way, but it has nowhere to go while it's waiting its turn in line to be eliminated...So it shifts around...

The Big Shift.

At this point, gravity is not your friend.

It's hideous. It's ugly. Suddenly you look down at your arm and say "WTF???" because half of it is getting toned and is developing lovely planes you never had before...and the other half is...not. In fact the contrast makes it look even worse than before.

But, I've decided it's not unlike cleaning out a closet...

You know how when you clean out a closet, somewhere in the middle of the process you look around and suddenly you've got a big pile of stuff around you and the place looks even worse than it did before you even started? Yeah, that...

The Big Shift.

But if you keep slagging it out, and you're careful and methodical about it, eventually that ugly pile of stuff gets smaller, and you get rid of a lot of it altogether? It's like that. (Although, to be fair, I really don't think the Salvation Army truck will come and pick up my unwanted fat...)

Sometimes in life, things have to get a little lumpy and bumpy and "Oh-My-God-Where-the Hell-Did-That-Come-From"-like before they get better.

Like that big pile of stuff when you cleaned out the closet, The Big Shift is only temporary...unless of course you stop in the middle and never get back to it.

Giving up in the middle is not an option. Never, never, NEVER give up...unless you want to look like that big, lumpy pile of stuff from the closet, that is.

You can do it!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow! I have been experiencing the big shift and it is kind of disheartening.. I have to admit, I've fallen off the wagon a bit, but you're right. I had a friend tell me when i was discussing my meaurements going up in places, " I don't know how you just havent given up.." if you give up you NEVER reach your goal. Loved this blog.. saw your advice on BLUEANGEL71's blog the other day and it was dead on! Congrats on all of your success!!
    2367 days ago
    people dont realize their body fat is always shifting especially when trying to lose it. It re-distributes itself, thats why one day its like "look at my new sculpted muscles" and the next day its like "I swore they were there" lol
    Great Blog and I just followed your tumblr :)

    2377 days ago
    Perfect analogy and so, so, so true and it's totally happening to me, too.

    I know I'm slimming down and getting fit because I'm eating right and exercising so it HAS to happen. It's scientific. Yet at the same time I'm looking at my stomach in the mirror and seeing all this gross cellulite-y looking cottage cheese stuff that I never saw before and my saddle bags are literally TRAVELING around. Coming, going, changing places.

    Looking down at my arm right now I can SEE this bump of a bicep muscle which is kinda grossing me out only because the rest of my arm seems to be flabbier. LOL

    And when I was getting into the shower yesterday I noticed all this hanging flab under my upper legs that wasn't there before but now that the tops of the thighs are gaining muscle I guess all the fat has moved to the back of my legs. WEIRD!!!

    But, like you said, there's no stopping now that we're in the middle of this process. Gotta see it through to the end, which, of course is not the "end" because then we'll have maintenance for the rest of our lives, but at least one glorious day all the gross fat will be gone, gone, gone, just like that mess you described on the closet floor.

    2377 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/19/2011 2:44:30 PM
    Luv this, because I am at the same place !
    2377 days ago
    Yes! I never though of it that before, I thought it was just me. The scale is not our friend and apparently neither is the mirror! I think they are related.
    2378 days ago
    I like your thinkin.
    2378 days ago
    I like the topic! It's very true stuff starts to redistribute and change on you. And thanks for the reminder to clean out my closets.... emoticon
    2378 days ago
    Good advice, and well written! Thanks for posting!
    2378 days ago
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