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Day 11 & 12

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 11:
I don't know what is wrong with me. I was soooo tired and exhausted physically and mentally. I know I am not getting the full rest that I need, but still I usually be able to get up and go. I had no energy to get up and workout yesterday morning and plus it was raining. But I did make it up by walking at my job for about 30 minutes. I know walking is good but I guess I am really trying to get the weightloss that I want. I really wanted to do the TnT last night but I was soooo exhausted I didn't have the energy. My eating is absolutely wonderful. I haven't been extremely hungry because I bought some almonds and I ate my high fiber cinnamon swirl oatmeal. You wanna talk about being full all day. For lunch I had my Lean Cuisine Vegetable Eggroll and dinner was turkey bacon and eggs on 100 calorie flat bagel. I'm really feeling good about myself. I just definitely need to get back to where I was on my working out.

Day 12:
Again today I was exhausted to the point where I couldn't get out the bed. Atleast yesterday I got out the bed to attempt to workout before my body said hell no. I live with my mother and aunt and I sleep on the couch in the livingroom. My aunt's room is connected to the livingroom. My aunt had the TV up soo loud when I got home and she saw be going to bed and she didn't attempt to turn down the TV. My aunt got up and and went into her room to read a book but guess what, she still had the TV loud. I was pissed and furious. So I had to put music on and put on my headphones and fall asleep. Well I woke up in the middle of the night and the TV was still loud. She fell asleep with the TV on. I didn't want to get up because I knew it would take me forever to go back to sleep. So I went back to sleep and then this morning I heard my mom and aunt talking. It was about 5 in the morning. So by the time my alarm went off, I was too exhausted to even budge to get up off the couch. I mean I slept until 7:15 and I had to get up and get ready for work. I don't know how to deal with this living situation. I won't be able to get my own place until 6 months from now. But thats okay, I did do a mini workout before work. I rode the bus to the mall that is behind my job. I had to go there to get a charger. So of course I walked, I walked at a good speed where right now I am able to feel the burn but I wasn't out of breath. I was able to talk on the phone and walk. I think I walked for 10 minutes, so later on my lunch I am going to finish my walk up for another 20 minutes and I won't feel sooo bad not working out today. I guess I literally have to take everything one day at a time. Until next time.
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    Some of your exhaustion may be due to stress. I know when I have negative stress, it drains me makes me tired. On the other hand good stress gets me pumped.
    Going to sleep furious about noise definitely reduced your quality of sleep.
    But you did great with walking, at least you did something and realize you need to do more. We all have those moments for whatever reason, when exercising or eating right just seems hard. You'll be in a better place mentally when you have you own place, so for now hang tough, hang tight. I agree with Lilshine, a multi vitamin may help. I take one everyday because I know I dont get the right nutrients and water is a must.
    I'm proud of you that you did your walking. Woot! emoticon
    2374 days ago
    Shannon - sorry to hear about the sleeping problem. I was raised on the same "my house, my rules" philosophy that was mentioned in the comment. It would still be nice if everyone would try & be considerate. Any chance you can talk to your aunt about it when you've cooled off? It never works when you're mad!! And there is an end in sight - 6 months. As long as you know it's not forever. At least you are pushing yourself even when you don't feel like it. And you are so right - it IS one day at a time. Take it that way & it won't be so overwhelming. emoticon
    2375 days ago
    Good sleep is important to good rest and a productive day. I had gotten like that at one time and it turned out I had a sleeping disorder. I was like that a few weeks ago and I finally went back to using my sleep machine and I feel so much better. Make sure you're getting enough protein, sleep and take a multi-vitamin if you're not. Be sure you're not anemic or have any health issues as well. Perhaps buy some earplugs to mute the noise in the house. Like my parents use to say back in the days - this is my house and my rules, you can do what you want when it's your house and your rules. So hang in there and make the best of it all.
    2375 days ago
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