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A Question For Other Former Smokers

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I know that when you quit smoking, your sense of tastes is supposed to get better, but what I have noticed is my sense of SMELL has become more acute. Has any one else noticed this after quitting?

Working as a Nursing Assistant, I am exposed to many types of odors. Many of my co-workers used to make comments about smells on the unit, and I had no clue. I used to joke that it would have to be a 3-4 day decomposing body befor I noticed a bad smell. Well, I can smell a "code brown" as soon as I walk in a room now. I can deal, facts of life in my job. What IS bothering me is I can tell when my neighbors are smoking. I live in an attached row house. The unit to our right is currently unoccupied, but we have neighbors to the left. They are great people and good neighbors. Both the husband and wife smoke, and they don't smoke in their house. Unfortunately, when they do light up I can smell it from almost any where in my house. Most of the time, it's no big thing and I can ignore it, but I smoked the heaviest at night, and when I get a whiff then, I get itchy.

I'm getting through, and all of you on SP are a HUGE help.
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    I quit (for the last time!) in Summer 2004. I experienced the same thing you did - my sense of smell got really acute! Instead of making me want to smoke, though, it made me sick. It's faded over time, but I'm still pretty sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke. I used it as an incentive to quit. When I smelled it, I'd say to myself, "Did I smell that bad and not even realize it?" That helped a little.

    The bottom line is that quitting is a hard thing that takes a while to master. It's totally worth it, though! My life has changed in so many positive ways! I have more money - I don't have to hide my habit from people - my skin and teeth look better - I smell better - I can exercise longer. You CAN do it and it will be worth it!
    2190 days ago
    Good luck with your quitting! I smoked a pack and a half a day for over 20 years - and quit 8 years ago. My sense of taste and smell both became much more acute. Blech - I have neighbours like yours too. I'm in a semi-detached, and share a front porch (why do builders think this is a good idea?). Husband and wife are chain smokers. I swear I'm constantly running around shutting windows and doors to keep their smoke out of my house. Good luck - you can do it!!!!
    2194 days ago
  • SA9CHI
    I quit smoking in April 1988. My sense of smell is so keen now, it's really unreal. Now, I can't stand the smell of smoke. In fact, I try to avoid it as much as possible. Taste buds came back too!! I used to wear a rubberband on my wrist. Whenever, I got the urge, I snapped that rubberband to snap me to reality. I am glad to say, I've been a non-smoker ever since!!! You'll be so glad you did! Don't give up! emoticon
    2198 days ago
    I was a "social smoker" and feel fortunate that I was able to quit when I got pregnant and never had a problem. BUT, I remember well that as a smoker I was clear it was a conditioned response for me. Out with friends, having a few drinks, I'd be fine UNTIL someone else lighted up... then all of a sudden I would want to smoke! It is so interesting how the body and mind work!
    So here's an idea for you - how about if you figure out a way to fill in with something else that is positive? A friend of mine who really worked hard to quit used to carry a blue satin ribbon with her and she'd use that to distract herself until the urge went away. I have another friend who took up crafts - knitting or crocheting and needlepoint (or was it quilting?) Anyway, one of those things. And she made all of us beautiful things. Just a thought...
    Most of all, continued good luck, my SP friend! You are doing great. Hang in and know we're out here cheering you on!
    2198 days ago
    Thank every one! Glad to know I am just going through a stage.
    2199 days ago
  • AMYH217
    I quit July of 09. I too got a heightened sense of smell...or I guess you could say I got it back. My husband still smokes and is currently trying the e cigarette to quit. I love it because now I don't get the ash tray smell or taste when he kisses me. :)

    It was very hard when I first quit would talk myself out of stealing one of my hubby's smokes but I would just ask myself if it was worth it. Whenever I get a craving, which is now few and far between, I remind myself that I won't be able to run tomorrow cause I won't be able to breath and then I'll never get the rest of this weight off. It works, lol! Now that I love running that would be a double downer... Lol

    So proud of you! Days can be tough but you can TOTALLY do this!

    emoticon emoticon
    2199 days ago
    I can smell a cigarette from 20 cars upwind while sitting in traffic. I can smell when a smoker has come and gone from the bathroom. I can smell everything now! I smoked for 12 years and quit, WOW, 9 years ago to this very day. A few years ago we lived in a four plex where the woman below us smoked and the people next to us smoked. We thought it was just because the people who lived there before us smoked. Nope. Needless to say we only lived there for the term of that lease.

    Congratulations! It's a whole new world!
    2199 days ago
    I've never smoked, but I wanted to comment that I'm really proud of you for kicking the habit!

    Would a fan help to circulate the air more in the evening? Or some plants? I personally have the brownest thumb out there, but I understand some plants are good to help "clean" the air. Or maybe something with flowers that will smell nice and serve as a reminder of why you're going through this.

    Good luck and keep it up!

    2199 days ago
    Good on you....don't give up!

    I quit in 2007 after smoking a pack a day for 25+ years.

    I encountered the same problem (my wife still smokes). I decided to let myself "enjoy" the smell, but to not give in to temptation. After a few months, the itch dissipated.

    I also started a running program. it was tough, but the toughness reminded me why I didn't want to light up anymore

    Good luck....keep at it!
    2199 days ago
    I have only been off the cigarettes 44 days and i noticed my sense of smell is getting better especially car exhaust
    2199 days ago
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