Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today, I have made a decision. Well, actually I made it last week - but just the same, I have decided to make lots of changes - for no other reason than for ME.
I've tried other ways - of doing what others thought was best......what others wanted me to look like, and eat, etc.
It would last for a while - but then I'd fail miserably again and sink into my deep depressive funk.
I have come to realize, the only thing that truely matters in life, is what God thinks and what I think. If I live the way I know I can and should - if I treat myself and my body with the respect it deserves - I cannot fail.
I won't tell you that it is easy to pass the snacks by at work - it isn't easy to have overweight friends who aren't ready or willing to make changes - and it definitely is not easy being around negativity.
I have decided to start my day off being thankful and trying to surround my self with positive things - be it quotes, or music - anything to keep me focused on being positive.
Now, I know there are days & times when you can't be 100% positive.....I am just determined not to let it get me down anymore.
I am going to live and not "wait" until I look like the vision I have in my head of myself. I have passed too many things by because I've been worried about what others would think or say because I am not the poster child for the 'perfect body'.
I know that if I am happy with myself - the rest will come.
I am worth it and I deserve it!
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