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How to make side by side (repost)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hi all

I have been getting a lot of this request ;p

This is for you POPCORN2011, sorry it took so long!

I have WINDOWS, no clue about MAC! don't ask ;p

I use PAINT!

Take your pics (more on that later), save it into your computer ;p

2. Click: "PASTE FROM", follow the prompt, chose your file

3. RESIZE the pic, 20% here

4. Select, Crop and move the pic, put in TOP left hand corner

5. Repeat for AFTER pic #2-4. THIS is tricky, Resize #1 20%, Resize #2 35%

6. REMOVE all the white, otherwise SP will load it like this

7. How:
click anywhere on the white, pull the white box in so no more white, top and bottom
Make sure PIC is less then 600, and the reason the above pic are soo squished!

8. Save as JPEG!


SAME SETTING! time, place, distance!

so you don't have problem with resizing!
if you are like me change is hard to see! you don't need proportion to destort the image!!

As you can see my bef pic I was standing right behind the vanity!
after pics I stand infront of tub!

that is the 20% vs 35% difference!

I use my HEAD size to make sure the pics are right, or an object in the pic!

hope that helps!!

And lol no photoshop on my netbook,
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