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Felting & Floating

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just finished taking four days off in a row. Today was my first day back at work and I feel as if I wasn’t true to myself today. Sometimes working for anyone other than myself feels like being a prostitute. I never would’ve imagined I’d feel this way or could feel this way if I hadn’t worked for myself in the past.

Little Updates:
I finished another felted oven mitt. I’m trying to make one that will fit my boyfriend’s hand. The last one I got overzealous and shrank it down so much it only fits my little hands and just barely. I used two different kinds of yarn for Mark’s and one of the yarns felts faster than the other so I had to stop shrinking it in the washing machine before the second type of yarn is fully felted. My plan is to dip the tip of the mitt and the tip of the thumb into boiling water to see if I can shrink/felt them that way rather than continuing to felt the entire mitt.

Before Felting

After First Stage of Felting

…was the funnest part of the four days off. Didn’t used to like kayaking this much! The reason I haven’t liked it that much in the past is because it’s not really exercise for me. I need more lower body exercise than upper body so it just doesn’t cut it. However, we’ve had some very hot days and being on the water just made me feel very at home with myself. I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world and I felt like I could stay out in the water forever.

A funny thing happened while kayaking. Well, I guess it’s not really funny. Mark and I like to kayak around groups of floating homes. It’s so much fun to see them up close. I love to fantasize about living on one. I really don’t like the idea, though, of having neighbors so close.

We kayaked toward a little “neighborhood” of floating homes.

Mark started veering off around the left side of the homes. I was entranced and followed my instincts like a cat chasing a butterfly around the right side of the floating homes. I figured we’d meet up at the same place after we’d both kayaked the length of the neighborhood. I thought Mark saw me go to the right since I saw him go to the left.

I got to the end of the rows of floating homes and didn’t see Mark. Because I didn’t see him, I decided I might as well kayak back to where we’d launched. Then I noticed this interesting tugboat that looked like people might be living in it. It was a little past the floating neighborhood in the opposite direction of where we launched.

Not wanting to worry Mark, I reluctantly paddled toward where we launched thinking I’d catch up with him. I saw him in the distance and waved at him. He didn’t wave back. He started paddling toward another group of floating homes. I thought to myself, “Why doesn’t he just wait for me----he’d love seeing the other side of the neighborhood and I really wanted to see the tugboat and knew he’d like it too.”

Before I knew it I was saying to myself, “Well, he knows where I am and if he’s not going to wait for me, I’m just going to paddle over to the tugboat before returning back to where he’s headed. Maybe he’ll see I’m looking at something and decide to come join me.”

I looked at the tugboat and it really wasn’t that exciting but I was glad I checked it out. Then I started paddling back to join Mark with the other floating homes on the other side of the river. A couple were paddling in their canoe in the opposite direction. The man said “Hi Jasmine”. I said “Hi. How are you?” nonchalantly. (Mark recently asked me if there’s a “nonchalant” is there a “chalant”?) Then the man said, “Mark told us to tell you he’s going back to where you launched.” I thought, “Fine.”

I continued toward where we launched and saw a red kayak like Mark’s heading toward me. I was glad I was finally going to get to talk with him. I saw it was him because he was wearing his Tilly hat and had on a yellow life vest. Turns out it was a woman with her hair in long braids wearing a hat and a yellow life vest. She asked, “Are you Jasmine?” I said “Yes.” Then she said, “Mark’s looking for you and said to go back to where you launched.”

I finally caught up with Mark. I was feeling a little frustrated because he didn’t allow for me to catch up with him to discuss where we were going. Turns out he didn’t know where I was, didn’t see me go right when he went left and didn’t even see me when I headed back and waved before going back out to the tugboat.

A strange feeling of disconnect….hard to explain in words. I was truly sorry he was so worried about me but why couldn’t he have seen I was just on the other side? I apologized and he said he’ll have to get out his walkie talkies for our next kayaking adventure. (A substitute for our cell phones because we wouldn’t want to risk getting them wet.)
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    despite the miscommunication it sounds like a great adventure! the root of all evil in relationships - the more i try to understand and compromise the more confused and turned around i get :P i am also glad u had some time off from work - it really is SO draining to put your efforts in to someone else's biz, and go unappreciated, and be fighting tooth and nail with co-workers around you to help get things done in a timely fashion. self employment is what we are all supposed to look to as the economy bottoms out and no one can afford to hire new people, anyone left floundering is just supposed to do for themselves, which sounds dandy, aside from the fact that no one has any money to spend! ugh! i keep working my lame job, lookin for new opportunities, always, and selling crafties on the side which is so far from lucrative i am taking apart old projects to make new things without having to spend any more $$!!
    2352 days ago
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