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11 minutes on the bike - wow!

Friday, September 09, 2011

I know it doesn't sound like much - but I have suffered lower back pain for most of my 60 years. I never really thought about it but it probably ties into the fact I was born without hip sockets. Now before anyone feels sorry for me, let me explain.

I was born without hip sockets but a friend of my grandmother was an "old midwife" and she told my mother, "something is wrong with this child - have her checked out" for my oldest sister (sponge hip) and mom had each of us checked after that - yup, no hip sockets for me!

2 years with a 36" bar attached to my baby shoes and me dragging it all over the house! (that sounds awfully long to me, but what do I know - that's what Mom told me)

I was also born with Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, a disorder of the visual system that is characterized by a vision deficiency in an eye that is otherwise physically normal, coupled with astigmatism not only on the surface of my eyes, but behind my eyes as well. Can you say, "blind as a bat?"

So from an early age I was "doomed" to be crippled and blind. Well, the hips were found and a solution put in place - one down.

We lived in a low-middle income housing development and on the same floor (6 floor apt buildings) was an upcoming eye specialist who worked with me every week even after he moved to another state! My parents took me from NYC to New Jersey every Tuesday, Dad's only day off, and Dr. Clark not only checked and exercised my eyes, they fed us! ... and let me walk their poor little dog almost to death! Every week he did this for free to save my eyes!

Bless his heart, literally, because he died of an enlarged heart at the age of 40. I was only one of thousands this blessed man helped for free!

OMG! I have gotten away from my subject!! So even though I did bike when I was 17, it always caused me back pain and I finally did just give it up.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, I decided to give my Dad's old stationary bike another try and I managed to do 5-7 minutes but didn't believe it. So I dragged it to the TV room and checked the clock and this time I logged 11 minutes straight! WooHoo for this old dawg!!

Never ever give up on yourself! We are so worth the extra effort!!

P.S. 5 % Fall Challenge is now closed :(

**edit: I am now able to do 20-30 min at a time! WooHoo!!

Reading makes the riding go faster!
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