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On a Dristy Morning...

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

...out on the Silver Comet trail with the weather poised between a misty almost drizzly grey day I'm out cruising along on my bike, bidding the occasional walker, jogger and cyclist a cheery "Mornin'" as I see how far along I can get heading westward.

Not too long after I start I see some figures off in the distance which are difficult to make out, especially as I've got my sunglasses on (better wind protection for my eyes which readily dry out and tear with the breeze even more when not well protected).

Soon I can tell these are a pair of dogs. BIG dogs! No owner in sight!

I have been extraordinarily fortunate in my cycling travels with regard to dogs. Nary a snag with one of 'em yet! Was my luck about to take a turn for the worst?

My plan? Breeze by them as quickly and quietly as possible!

Revving up I get closer and can tell they're both German Shepherds. Big & formidable...give Croce's "junkyard dog" a run for the money! One is HUGE and almost BLACK...let's call him Bluto. The other? A little smaller and lighter and darker...Jake will do.

Anyhow as I'm cranking the pedals, these two dogs seem completely oblivious to me, just stepping along in the same direction as I. Where's this keen canine hearing...? I'm really ramped up and go to pass when Bluto, the doofus, saunters right into my path! I hit the brakes, but not quickly enough! We collide! Bluto snarls!

Within a few milliseconds we have this conversation after sharing a few expletives:

Bluto: Looks like dinner just arrived!

Me: Gulp!

Bluto: Which body part would be the best first course?

Me: This isn't exactly the weight loss plan I had in mind...

Well milliseconds come and milliseconds go and the next thing you know the dogs are so startled by me that they take off like a couple of streaks ahead of me! I keep going...I'M chasing the DOGS! What a hoot! I pull out my virtual whip and crack it in the air: HeyAH! Get along little (?!) doggies!

Actually what I REALLY do is continue to chase the dogs, it is so WAY better to be behind THEM instead of THEM behind ME! I break into song! Music to soothe the savage beast, right? I'd been channeling Paul Simon's "Myth of Fingerprints (All Around the World)" during my ride and figure, hey, if I'm singing I can't be THAT ill-intentioned, right doggies? :-)

I was thoroughly AMAZED over how far I chased those dogs down the trail! For some reason they never thought to just scoot off to the side. Bluto would look back now & then and I couldn't tell if he was frightened or thinking of making good on that imagined conversation we previously had...lol!

After a piece I figured I'd tuckered them out well enough that they couldn't give chase to me and whizzed by the two of them...OFF to get further down the trail!

The Silver Comet is quite the accomplishment for Georgia...where OFF the trail the roads are about as bicycle UN-friendly as they can be. They have managed to create the longest paved rail-trail in the United States! It extends from a little west of Atlanta right across the state on into Alabama for a piece! Counting the entire trail it looks to run over 100 miles! A HIGHLY IMPRESSIVE FEAT! I'm hopeful more and more communities will take note and follow suit!


Although today's ride was relatively quiet, over this past hot weekend (Sat. / Sun.) folks were EVERYWHERE on this trail...runners, walkers, cyclists, in-line skaters...EVERYONE! What an investment into the health and wellness of Georgia citizens and their visitors!

I enjoyed a nice chit-chat with the Silver Comet Depot silvercometdepot.com/ proprietor after today's ride. He was duly impressed with my Tricross, but then he stocks mostly Specialized bikes! :-)

With a little luck, I'm hoping to pull together plans to catch up with other SP members out on the trail over this upcoming weekend.

Keep the SPARK everyone!

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