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Sweaty bands vs RokBands product reviews

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

So....we found LOTS of awesome stuff at the Disney expo and one of the things I actually bought was a sweaty band. I've seen others say that they love their sweaty band so I decided to go for it.

One of the things that convinced me to buy one is the AWESOME selection they had. I couldn't believe the hundreds of bands on display. Very literaly there was something for everyone in their selection. It was a tough choice, but I finally decided on a band that is orange with pink flowers. Here is my daughter modeling the band for me (she thinks it is "so pretty")...

The claim to fame of the Sweaty Band is that it stays put. It doesn't slip. I have to say that this is absolutely true!!! I have thick hair, I sweat (a lot), and my hair likes to grab moisture out of the air making it very easy for headband to slip and slide all over my head. This band absolutely stays exactly where you put it. I love my sweaty band and love the choices they offer. In addition, they can be pretty enough to just keep wearing. If you are one of those girls that goes for a lunch time run or dashes by the gym on the way to somewhere else. The SweatyBand COULD be pretty enough to just keep in all day. Really, they offer choices that are that cute!

What I didn't love was that it doesn't do much to keep sweat off my face. It keeps my hair off my face and that helps, but it doesn't stop the drips from going down my face.

So, now let's take a look at the RokBAND. This is a new-ish product offered at I got Pinkwaves...

The SweatyBand is designed to be worn as a traditional head band...the RokBand is designed to be very versatile. This band is made of moisture wicking material and is actually quite wide (maybe 3 or 4 inches wide). The webpage says "Wear it as a headband, thick or thin hairband, scrunchie, beanie, mask, scarf, or wristband." And you really could use it for all those things...although where they say beanie...I'd say it's a bit more like a bandana than a beanie as it doesn't cover your entire head like a beanie, but is wide enough to work like a bandana.

This product was not at Disney (a major mistake in my opinion) and I had to order it from the website. When it arrived and I saw it for the first time I thought "it's a baby buff". In case the word buff throws you off that's what they call the multipurpose scraps of fabric that the contestants on Survivor are given. My sister said the same thing when I showed her.

I've used it as a headband, but can see where I might use it as a scarf or mask if the weather was cold and I wanted to protect my face or provide a bit of a barrier between my lungs and cold air. It is NOT thick enough to be used in really cold weather but would definitely be sufficient for my Southern California weather.

The band performs much as advertised. It does a good job of staying put and a good job of wicking away sweat and keeping it off my face. The times I've used it I've been on quite warm or very long runs. Over time it does have a tendency to slip but not frequently and it is so light weight that it doesn't take much to put it back in place.

So comparing the two bands I'd have to call it apples and oranges. For me the two bands serve different purposes. The Sweatyband is decorative and useful for keeping my hair off my face. Something I value in a band for short races (5K) or on cool weather runs when my primary goal is keeping my hair contained (my curly, thick hair can get kind of wild and containment is often an unmet goal-lol). The RokBand is also pretty but serves the purpose of diverting and containing sweat on warm runs and possibly for a bit of added warmth on cold weather runs (for my purposes cold is in the mid to upper 40's).

So, I love both products and have room for both of them in my repitoire. I'm sure I'll be adding additional colors and style of both to my collection and highly recommend both products, just be aware that they do serve different purposes. If you want huge selection and a means to keep your hair contained then definitely the SweatyBand is a good choice. If you are looking to keep sweat of your brow go for the RokBand.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I find sweaty bands to be quite effective all around especially for my sweat! Love the styles too. Of course everyone is different but i think for style+ function + price sweaty bands are great.
    496 days ago
    Found this page while searching for a comparison between the Bondi bands (which Coach Nicole has reviewed, I believe? or one of the SP Coaches..) and the Buff bands ( in the United States, although I believe it is originally from Spain with a UK website) ...

    I'd just seen a video showing all the ways a Buff band could be worn - head band, scrunchie, beanie, balaclava, snood, gaiter, there may be 50 ways to leave your lover and probably at least 50 ways to wear a Buff band!!

    Oddly enough... I'm researching this as a way to control my hair at night while wearing a CPAP mask. I'm finding that most of the items I've tried sleeping with end up making my face and head hotter. So far, the only thing that "works" - kinda sorta - is an old 100% silk scarf. Silk is cool in heat, warm in cold, but it tears easily and slips around on my head.

    I just found some of the Buff Bands on and ordered some for my own "research". I will check out the ROKband as well as the Bondi Band (which will be useful in the summer because that is one of the reasons I stall on walking in the heat of Kansas summers is the sweat management.)..

    Thanks for sharing this blog!

    1932 days ago
    Thanks! I haven't tried the ROKBand before, but I love my Sweaty Bands! I'll check out that website and the other bands, though. I can never have too many headbands!
    2380 days ago
    Great reviews!! I'm definitely going to check out both of them.

    I've got a batch of 3 or 4 BondiBands that I use. They work pretty well. I like the thinness of the lighter ones, but they don't stay on my giant noggin very well. The heavy sweat wicking ones do a better job of staying on my head though the styles are not nearly as cute.

    I love that you called it a baby buff. I knew right away what you were talking about.
    2386 days ago
    Thanks for the review, I think I may try RokBand before I go Bondi. I like the Sweaty for shorter runs too.
    2386 days ago
    Thanks for the reviews! I love my Sweaty Bands and Bondi Bands!
    2386 days ago
    Great reviews!!! You did an awesome job capturing the pros and cons of each. :-)

    I actually think I want a couple sweaty bands just for normal wear rather than for running wear! LOL
    2386 days ago
    Wow, thanks for the product review! I need a new Sweat band that will work!
    2386 days ago
    Great, thorough reviews. I am still trying to find that perfect fit for me.

    I've tried the Bondi bands, a Saucony one with a whole for a pony tail, and Halo headband (a little too tight for my liking). Lately I usually just stick with my trusty "Run Happy" hat instead of messing with a band. Oh and I just bought a Buff and a visor to try out too.
    2386 days ago
    thanks for the information Heather!
    2386 days ago
    I love a good product review, thanks! I often wish for something during my zumba and boxing sessions - I'm a hot sweaty mess at the end of those. If affordable, I'll add one of each . :)

    2386 days ago
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