The Trip Of A Lifetime

Monday, September 05, 2011

Well folks, the time has FINALLY arrived!!

As some of you may know, i have spent the last few months organising one of THE biggest things i have EVER done in my life, and that is travelling across the entirety of The United States Of America, all the way from coast to coast...On a train!!

That's right, i start off in New York and then it's on to Washington DC, then Baltimore, then Chicago, then Denver, then San Francisco and finally Los Angeles and Hollywood (always knew i would make it to Hollywood one day emoticon) I will be spending roughly a week or so in each of the above places and travelling for an average total of 6 to 7 weeks (although this may turn into longer, you never know what the future and unchartered territories may bring!!)

My plans (at the end of it all) are to write a witty and informative book about the diversities of American people and the many varied cultures from coast to coast, plus a true diary of my adventures and the crazy situations that i am sure to find myself in...Something wacky ALWAYS happens to me wherever and whenever i travel somewhere emoticon

The BIG thing about all of this, is that i am going to be doing it COMPLETLEY gizmo free!! That means, no cell phone, no laptop, no email, no phone numbers...No interuptions - just me and my inch thick itinerary that i have been compiling over the past few months, details of the hotels that i will be staying in, tours that i have booked and train tickets that i have purchased. Other than that, it's just me, a bag, a camera, a notepad and a pen and the open railroad. (I must remember to pack my pedometer and MP3 player - ok, there are a few little gizmo's involved!!)

I really wanted to go back to basics on this adventure to prove that (especially for someone like me who runs his own business and relys on and uses computers every single day) it is not always neccessary to have technological things at hand 24/7. I will be meeting people on a face to face basis, right the way across America, and reinventing good old fashioned one to one conversation and banter. I heard somewhere that that was how things were once, before the invention of cell phones, laptops etc...Back in the good old days!! emoticon

I leave this week on my adventure of a lifetime and i plan on getting completley lost in translation for the next 6 weeks or so, so unfortunately sparking may be off the cards for the forseeable future (although if i spot an internet cafe somewhere i may post a quick update - although that may be defeating the purpose of having no gizmos with me), but nonetheless i will be sure to post tons of pictures and a big blog when i'm done emoticon

So all that's left to say is keep sparking folks, hope everyone is well and in good spirits and i'll see y'all when i'm back.

P.s...Feel free to buy my book once it's written and published, i'm sure it will be a real pee your pants funny and informative read (I'll even sign it for you!!) emoticon

Best wishes and bon voyage...

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