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Finding Time

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Last year I had plenty of time to get to the gym and I loved it! Not at first, mind you, but over time, I began to feel deprived when I couldn't go. My weight-loss was on track and I was pretty dang happy about it. We milked dairy goats which is a great way to burn calories and I worked forty hours a week in town.

Then life changed! Five months ago, we sold the goats and started trying to recover from the financial disaster they left us in. I quickly realized I needed a second job, and shortly after that, it became painfully obvious even two jobs wasn't going to cut it. Sure, we could have sold everything we own and declared bankruptcy but neither my husband or I wanted to take that route.

So here I am working three jobs, totaling on average, ninety-one hours a week and I consider myself very fortunate indeed. Not only do the hours mesh perfectly, but only one of them keeps me on my feet all day, meaning I get some sitting time each day. I start work every morning at eight am and finish most nights at either ten or eleven. One of my jobs is an overnighter, but I'm allowed to sleep, so that works.

Seven days a week, with two days off a month. I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm the one who said, six years ago, "Hey, let's milk goats!" emoticon

My dear husband didn't think it was a good idea. He was right. It wasn't.

Yet, one problem remains. When the heck am I supposed to get to the gym? Let me say it again. I start at 8am every day except Wednesdays. I finish most nights at ten or eleven or I'm there overnight (at least once a week -- sometimes two or three times)

For sure, the gym opens at seven am but it closes at nine, and I have to do laundry and dishes at home sometime!

Next week, two of my adult children who still live at home are spreading their wings and flying about five miles away to rent an apartment together. This will leave me with two spare rooms!

So, here's the plan! Tucked away in different rooms in the house are a rowing machine, an elliptical machine, a stationary bike and a treadmill. I want to put them all downstairs in what was my son's bedroom and make myself a mini-gym! Then no-one can complain about not being able to hear the TV over the whine and whirring of the different equipment pieces and oh, did I mention that the treadmill bothers my daughter when she's trying to sleep downstairs. It is sitting right on top of her bedroom ceiling and it's usually midnight by the time I have time to jump on! emoticon

I am so excited! Once all the equipment is in the same place, I can get up a half hour earlier and work out! I can come home from work and spend fifteen or twenty minutes getting my body back into shape again. It's amazed me how quickly I lost tone after losing my gym time.

I feel very blessed that I am fit and healthy enough to be able to work. I am lucky beyond belief to have three jobs I love, looking after the elderly, and intellectually challenged people. My husband also puts in ten to twelve hour days and his work is physical and hard, as an electrical contractor. I am the lucky one.

So to everyone who thinks they can't find time to fit exercise into their busy schedule, try mine! Maybe we could swap? Or not. Maybe yours is even worse! Now, enough blog writing! Back to work! Keep sparking everyone!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JILL313
    I am so proud of you as You'd have a perfect excuse not to exercise with 3 jobs. . .but no, you're a mover and shaker and know it is so healthy for you. You can't imagine how much I admire your determination and strength to keep exercising!! You are an amazing Lady!!


    2330 days ago
    2330 days ago
    This is a great, eye-opening blog! Thanks for posting it and sharing your story. It should help many.
    2330 days ago
    woo hoo...ya know, this proves that THERE IS always time to exercise. Great blog....Have a joy filled day, Karen emoticon
    2330 days ago
    It's amazing what you are getting done.
    Kudos for setting up your gym and going to find time to workout at home.
    I'm not sure what type jobs you have. But sometimes you can find time , 10 minute here and there to do some exercises.
    Even sitting in your office chair. or if you have to walk around. There are things you can do.
    I exercise at the doc's office, sitting in traffic, standing in line at the grocery store. I have got a very firm booty.
    A set of resistance bands , and small weights are great .
    Of course for cardio you have to increase the heart rate.
    Thats where your home gym will be handy.
    Take care, stay strong, stay positive.
    2330 days ago
    Good for you for deciding what's important
    2332 days ago
    Thanks for reminding us all that it is really just all about deciding what is most important to you - PRIORITIES!!!!
    2334 days ago
  • SHER143
    What an inspiring message; my excuses just went flying out the window. Thanks for the reality check!
    2334 days ago
    emoticon thank you for inspiring and putting into perspective my "excuses". I hope should my family ever end up in a similar situation I have the drive, energy, and determination to do all you do and still make myself a priority in the "between" times.
    You are emoticon
    2334 days ago
    Jani....no excuse for any of us not to make time to exercise...
    i we can't make the time, after reading your schedule then we don't want to reach our goals bad enough....
    Go you....you are awesome...
    2335 days ago
    OMG .... you are amazing! emoticon
    2335 days ago
    You are special! What an emoticon attitude.
    2335 days ago
    woohoo you can do it!
    2335 days ago
  • ASMPP1
    emoticon emoticon emoticon An inspiration for those of us working less and still thinking we do not have time to exercise.
    2335 days ago
    Wow! emoticon You are an inspiration to us all. emoticon
    2335 days ago
  • TRACYG0625
    Wow! I have no more excuses for me either. After long days like yours and getting excited about putting an exercise room together. WOW!

    I came over via Speedy143's post also and I am so glad I did. You are an inspiration to everyone on Spark People. What a motivating blog.

    Now when I try to talk myself out of exercising I am going to think of you and get my butt out there and run or lift weights or SOMETHING!

    Thank you so much for sharing! God bless!

    emoticon emoticon
    2335 days ago
    WOW! emoticon No more excuses for me about not having time to workout. emoticon on MAKING the time to exercise. emoticon
    2335 days ago
  • ERIKA05
    Viral indeed! I came over via SPEEDY143's post on the Slowest Loser page. I'm just... Wow.
    I'm worn out just reading about your day, honestly. It takes a special kind of person to do the work you describe with intellectually handicapped people and the elderly - let alone to do multiple jobs of that nature. Your joy in your work, even when there's a lot of it to do, is pretty inspiring, as is your committment to fit in fitness on your terms.
    2335 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    Jani... your blog blew my mind emoticon I'm embarrassed to say that I have way more time than you do and have not put that time to work for my highest good... well not until today!!!! You have inspired me to exercise more and continue to count my blessing... like YOU my dear friend emoticon

    This blog is going viral emoticon

    emoticon Linda
    2335 days ago
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