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Ticker Honesty & Control

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I've read many blogs on the subject of Ticker Honesty. I enjoyed reading all of them and realized the Ticker really messes with our head, if we let it. I remember laughing because I always believed I wouldn't be a Ticker statistic, that I would defy the odds and have no problem recording my true weight. Right.... I'm no different -- I didn't record the weight I gained back, until this blog. My point is, Ticker Honesty is liberating. Do it!! Lol!

As for Ticker Control - You are the boss of the Ticker! As such, I decided to use the Ticker to help me quantify my immediate goal, not my long term goal. My focus is to lose the weight I've gained since my Mom died last year. I just now realized that I had sunk back into emotional eating. My mom's death was the trigger.... this time. My new role at work a secondary stressor. Realizing I still haven't mastered my emotional eating tendencies was daunting. On the flipside, realizing I now have the tools from SPARKPEOPLE, I was empowered all over again. August was a good turnaround effort and this blog is to get me sparked up for a September of healthy action, behavior, results!

☆-:¦:-☆Believe to Achieve!!!☆-:¦
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    HUGS! The weeks I have gained a pound, I normally don't move my ticker up. I did move it up once when I gained though, and then it's good to be honest. Hang in there. You're doing great and I know how hard the emotional eating stuff is.
    2348 days ago
    Sorry to hear about you mom. It is hard to be honest when the scale is not going in the direction we want but you are right it is important to be honest. I also set my ticker up for my short term goal so that it would be so overwhelming.
    2352 days ago
    great blog, so sorry to hear about your mom, it was rough when my mom died... ticker honesty is a good thing, i went to short term goals because the long haul was too overwhelming..
    2352 days ago
    liberate yourself, let go of the past and forge ahead reassured thru steadfast effort you will succeed (writing this for us both! mwah!)
    2356 days ago
    emoticon Oh the ticker. I let my ticker state what I had lost for so long and could not face adjusting it upward. I eventually took it down as a step toward acceptance.

    You have made a giant leap forward in taking back control. Very few of us who have had success with WL can claim we have no doubts that when life's bumps hit we will manage things perfectly and not fall back on some of our former coping skills. This is a process. It is a lifetime. We learn as we go. You are still learning how to make this all work and learning about yourself as you go.

    You have had a tough year. You have had tremendous sadness and great success in many ways. You have done a great job in so many ways managing it all. Be proud of your efforts. That darn little ticker has so much power over us. Keep it in perspective, because it is not always reflective of all of the things going on in our lives. Balance.
    2359 days ago
    Huge Kudos to you for taking control of what's going on. Ticker honesty and inner honesty are sometimes very hard to come by. Congrats on taking that amazing step and being honest with yourself. I'm sorry that the emotional eating monster has reared his ugly head, but now that you've seen him for what he truly is, you can organize your plan of attack, you can take notes on what works, modify your battle plans and keep fighting until you find out how to beat that bully back.

    I knew your new job was stressful. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your mom in the last year. I, too, lost my mom this past year and am finding the heaviness on my heart almost too smothering to bear sometimes. We each need to find a way to deal with these events in our lives. We are meant to continue, to go on. I know, for me, sadness about mom hits at very unexpected times. The tears start flowing, and lately, I'm just letting them. Then I take a walk or a bike ride, and I feel 'lighter' than I did before. I know that in your heart, you will find what helps you move past the tough spots.

    Namaste My Friend :-)
    2359 days ago
    Oh, and for me, this is so timely! I HATE that my ticker never moves! It's just stuck there forvever, it seems. I had started to hate it, and be embarrased by it, thinking all my spark friends would see that I never lose anything! emoticon
    Reading this blog really helped me keep it in perspective and realize how much it was messing with my head (as you so succintly put it!)
    emoticon For expressing this, for your honesty and for being a motivator!
    2360 days ago
    emoticon emoticon BLOG!!!!

    I have no words except, SPARK ON! We're with you!!!!

    2361 days ago
    Oh my!
    Maybe it's time for me to move my ticker to the true number and not keep it at the number I wish it was! emoticon
    2361 days ago
    Hang in there sista! You can do this! We have emotional or even behavioral set backs. The trick is to pick up and move on. You already know this so I'll just stop. Glad you had a great August! Here's to a Super September! You'll always be a great motivator for me! Gotta keep on keepin' on!

    Love & aloha!

    emoticon emoticon Big Hugs!!! emoticon emoticon
    2361 days ago
    Thanks for being so honest with us (: The more honest you are the easier it is for us to be able to support you in the right ways!
    2361 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder to be honest. It's good for us..right? :)
    2361 days ago
  • CARLA-216
    Here's to a successful September!
    2362 days ago
  • ERIKA05
    I can soooo relate to this. I started to write a comment, but it became a blog! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Honesty is a beautiful thing.
    2362 days ago
    Ticker honesty is definitely liberating, you're right! I put my five pound gain up there recently, and I've lost three of them so far. I also did as you have and changed my ticker for a shorter term goal than my eventual goal. It felt too overwhelming to be so far away from the end!

    2362 days ago
    I know just what you mean:( However, I have decided not to weigh myself until my pants start to loosen on my body. I am still exercising a lot but my diet has fallen apart, for many reasons. This week-end I am devoting to organizing my life so that I have healthy food in the house and my life is less stressful.

    I gained weight LAST holiday season and have not recovered for some reason. Today is the day of change!!! Thanks for the push.
    Mahalo my friend:)
    2362 days ago
    I'm very sorry to hear that you recently lost your mother.
    Emotional eating is a tough thing to control. I hope you get a handle on it and I hope your September is filled with much success!

    2362 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    I must confess, my ticker is not always accurate. It is right now... but many times it isn't. Still working on divorcing myself emotionally from the scale. I've found this website has a lot of useful info (all free) on emotional eating:
    2362 days ago
    2362 days ago
    For a long time I recorded every ounce gained and lost on my ticker but I stopped doing that a few months ago. Now I only record gains if they are 4 lbs. or more and all losses. I started doIng this because it didn't seem right to keep getting credit for losing the same few pounds repeatedly as my weight fluctuated a pound or two from day to day and because once I reach my goal weight and start to maintain I'm allowing myself a +/- 5 lb range.

    I agree seeing the real numbers on the ticker helps keep you honest and watching it slide further and further to the right is pretty motivating.

    2362 days ago
    Thanks for the push!
    2362 days ago
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