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A Note To All My Spark Friends

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I haven't been posting much in the last month and I've gotten so behind in replying to people individually, so I'm writing this to all of you. Forgive me, but it will save me some time repeating the same old stuff to everyone.

Even though I've been watching my food intake, I have't been keeping my food journal since I went on my road trip and it shows in the fact that I keep regaing and loosing the same 5 pounds over and over. I guess it's a plateau of sorts. I need to go back to logging my food because it helps to keep me accountable and not "cheat". I still check in SP almost every day---but I haven't really been participating. I've kind of lost my mojo in the past month and I can't really say it's because I'm getting a lot done and have been really busy. I have been a little busy with busywork, just no major accomplishments---which my house could really use!!
Anyway I'm trying to recommit myself and hopefully I'll be online more. I find it's a fine line to balence between being on line and not. I tend to get lost in this giant time "suck" which is the computer and SP was a part of that. So I'm trying to limit myself. Hence this blog.

Some of you may be wondering how the maiden voyage of the kayack went.......well I went about 75 feet!!!! It was a fiasco and a little bit demoralizing. The day I chose to try it out was really hot and it took me awhile to get it inflated, being that it was the first time and all. I finally got it in the water and then rolled myself into it. But I wasn't out in deep enough water and was kind of stuck to the shore. I kept trying to push myself off but alas, I couldn't so I had to get out again and get back in. When I finally settled myself in, I felt this lump under my butt and at first I thought it was the paddle lanyard. I then realized that the seat bottom had deflated and the lump was the wrinkled seat! This would have been okay, but without the seat, I couldn't sit up straight and I was trying to paddle in a reclining position. That might work for bikes---but it dosn't for paddling---so that's why I only went about 75 feet. So once again I rolled myself out and then in the shallow water I tried to get up from my knees, but I didn't have any thing to hold on to and I couldn't DO IT!! So I got back on my butt and crab walked into deeper water and used the dock post and the bouyancy of the water to get myself to a standing position. NOT A PRETTY SIGHT!!! By this time I was so over heated that I started getting chills and nausea so I just sat at the dock for awhile. When I thought I could walk I went to the car to get a drink of some hot gingerale I had in the back of the car and proceeded to barf in the bushes! Long story short---It took awhile for me to cool down both emotionally and physically, so I didn't get back out on the kayack that day. Hopefully the next time it will go better. I did learn some important lessons, so not all was lost. Next time I'll pick a cooler day and I'll make sure I bring a cold drink, and I wont try it alone.

Here's to better days ahead......HUGS---Lynne
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    Kudos, Lynne, for trying the Kayak and Double-Kudos for your courageous BLOG about it! emoticon
    2270 days ago
    Missed you while you were gone. But, totally understand cutting back and being busy doing other things. I have done the same myself over the past month or so. You sounded like me trying to get in and out of a rowboat the first time. I put one foot on the docks to get out and one was still in the boat, no one would help me onto the dock (my silly cousins!)-and I went down into the water, butt first. It was only chest deep water and in a lake. Everyone laughed at me and I was a little ticked off. Especially since I wasn't dressed for being IN the water! emoticon Like Zanygirl said-you will probably laugh about your attempts later. When you are out there buzzing right along in your kayak the next time! I hope you weren't where there were alligators! emoticon
    emoticon for trying--good luck next time!
    2271 days ago
    Lynne, it's good to hear from you and I understand about being behind. Sorry you didn't have a great experience with the kayack, but you're right, you learned some important lessons. Bet next time will go much better. emoticon
    2271 days ago
  • JEAN827
    First of all you should be so proud of yourself for getting out there and trying .. I don't think I would of ever done that alone .. It could be dangerous alone, your right next time bring someone with you ..

    Thats some determination you got there ..

    Did I tell you the first time I ever went skiing ? My gf and I drove to Vermont.. Yes all the way to Vermont .. We were very young, before I was married .. So we get to Vermont and we get all our equipment .. Mind you, we were the best dressed girls on the slopes.. So we get on our ski's , and we are headed to the chair lift .. about 45 mins later, still trying to get to the chair lift , we decided to call it quits .. We kept falling so much we never made it to the chair lift .. We took off our ski's and headed for the bar ..
    2271 days ago
    I think it's great that you tried, and even greater that you will try again!! And even though it doesn't seem funny now, I bet this is something you will laugh about later.....isn't life's craziest moments grand!!

    2272 days ago
    Good for you for trying the kayak! I'll look forward to reading how it goes next time, I am sure you'll have a great time!
    And I understand completely about trying to spend less time on the computer... We can end up spending most of our days on it!!! But yes, the nutrition tracker is really helpful at enabling us to know how much we really have eaten. I can see I am doing better when I use it! I hope you can use it more often so to break this 'plateau'!

    2273 days ago
    Kudos to you, Lynne, for trying and willing to try again. That makes you a winner in my book!!!
    2273 days ago

    Sounds like quite an adventure to me? My question is could you have even gotten that far a year ago? Would you have even tried to do that a year ago?

    We all get stuck for various reasons, but you should be proud of yourself for picking yourself up and dusting yourself off and being willing to try again.

    Never give up, we are all here for you!
    2273 days ago
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