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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm starting this blog with remnants of Irene, which was downgraded to a tropical storm here in New England. After she blew her way through and the rains stopped, I decided to sit out on my swing in the backyard. It was absolutely wonderful, a little cool, but so relaxing.. I just wish I could figure out how to eliminate the sound of the wind in the microphone when I record.

Now Tuesday was my day at the beach and it was SPLENDID! There are three local beaches I've enjoyed visiting as I was growing up, but none more so than Salisbury Beach. Hampton & Salisbury were equally entertaining, while the third, Seabrook, which was sandwiched between the two was more of a quiet retreat. My aunt & uncle always rented a place at Salisbury, which us kids liked the best because they had all the rides, dodge 'ems, roller coaster, ferris wheel, go carts, as well as the penny arcades, etc. It was like I giant, stationary carnival.

So on Tuesday, my friend Sandy & I first decided to walk around Salisbury beach board walk to take in the sites, and boy has it changed. There are NO more rides and only a minute few things, compared to when we were young, of course we're talking 45 to 50 years ago. HOLY MACKEREL that's a LONG time ago. It's funny, but when I think of my self as a kid and think back to the 1950's & 1960's, it doesn't seem that long ago until I say how many years ago when we'd go there. Heck, the last time I REALLY got to enjoy it all was after my senior prom & that was in May of 1964. WHEW!!
Any way, I thought I'd share a couple of the pix I took of Salisbury beach & their board walk.

Some of their homes & cottages are pristine, as noted by these two pictures above.

While other are completely dilapidated and should be torn down.

Willey's Candy & Ice Cream has been there since 1913 & is a third generation family owned business. Yes, they DO take online orders.

These two pictures show the present day board walk. As you can see, There isn't very much activity here.

These two pictures show places that USE to be really alive with arcades & dancing halls. They were on the main street coming from the cottages. As you might be able to see, they are now boarded up & falling apart.

One of the beach accesses though is still as lovely as it was so very many years go.

This is a picture of Seabrook Beach, NH which, as I said earlier, is the quiet little beach between, what once was, the two party beaches.

And here is a picture of the nuclear plant that sits directly across the inlet from Seabrook beach.

Down the street are several seafood restaurants, one of which my friend Sandy & I stopped for lunch. Unfortunately, it was a complete waste of money because ALL of the food was QUITE over cooked. The one good thing about the meal was that I ate only about half of it so saved myself quite a few calories.

After our late lunch, Sandy & I ventured down to Hampton Beach where I, once again, walked, in the water, against the tides of the ocean, for a good mile and a half. I would have preferred to walk back to our starting point the same way, but my friend hadn't been to Hampton Beach in years & really wanted to go walk on the board walk before heading home.

Maybe I'll take another trip or two up to the ocean for just a couple more walks, BY MYSELF, while the weather is still nice. If I put my bathing suit on just before I leave work at 4:00pm, I could make it to the beach by 4:45/5:00p.m. and stay until at least 7pm. Hmmm, that sounds like it could work.

Now for another change of subject. Remember I said I was going to have my son's children over on Friday night for a camp-out? Well, that plan fell through the cracks, BUT my son brought the kids over on Saturday for a cook-out. I wasn't 100% bad as we roasted FAT FREE hot dogs & I bought low fat, whole wheat rolls. It's desert that was bad, but good.

Look, here's what I mean. My granddaughter really enjoyed using my camera.

There's nothing better tasting than marshmallows toasted on the grill.

FYI: I am NOT sitting down, it's my grandkids who are growing so tall!

My granddaughter spent the night so this morning I taught her how to play the card game "cribbage".

Boy, oh boy I'm good two weeks & bad one week, but all in all, even though this passed week was 100% off, it was so darned good and I had a REALLY FANTASTIC time with everything! NOW it's back onto the straight & narrow, AGAIN.

Thanks for taking time to stop & say "hello". You are GREATLY appreciated!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ruby Claire!!!!!! Those are such good photos of you!!!!! LOVE the marshymallow one!!!!!!!!!

    Secondly, I WILL BE RIGHT UP TO PLAY CRIBBAGE!!!!!!! We LOVE cribbage!!!!!

    Sorry for the delay with my comment......blame it all on Irene...
    2390 days ago
    I loved the wind, I wish we'd get some here. Maybe it would cool us off!! What a pleasant yard you have, and I enjoyed your wind chime music.
    2390 days ago
    I am certainly learning more about New England my friend. Your garden looks so relaxing - I can just feel the peacefulness after they downgraded "IRENE" I am glad that you are safe. emoticon
    2392 days ago
    I haven't been to either beach in years. Thanks for the tour.
    Glad you had a nice time with your friend and grandkids!
    2392 days ago
    The video worked today.....who knows why it didn't work computer is wacko!!
    2392 days ago
    My DD (today she is Brenna the Puma) came running at the sound of your wind chimes. She loves their music. She sways when she hears out Corinthian Bells chime. Something magical about it I suppose.

    Anywho I hope you enjoyed a marshmallow for the rest of us! I agree nothing like a toasted marshmallow! emoticon
    2393 days ago
    Great pix and video, Ruby! I enjoy the sound of the wind and the chimes. The two homes you photographed are beautiful. Love the one capturing you eating the marshmallow! What fun!

    Your grandchildren are beautiful! I know you must have really enjoyed their visit.

    Time does march on, doesn't it? I have those moments too when I remember something and realize how many years ago it happened; then, wonder how that many years could have possibly gone by...
    And, it is bittersweet to go to those places where you had so many great memories, only to find it gone and/or the buildings falling apart. The memories are good though...

    Thanks again for sharing, Ruby! Blessings
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2393 days ago
    Nothing ever stays the same, does it? And it's always kinda sad to see places that were vibrant and alive so many years ago, only to see them fallen into neglect and boarded up. I guess that's why we have memories, so we can keep them in our heart intact and beautiful, as they used to be, always. Lovely pics, Ruby, the sound of the wind in the trees was wonderful....
    2393 days ago
    If you had a didn't work for me...BUMMED!!!
    Thanks for always sharing your great pics!!!

    2393 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2393 days ago
    I enjoyed the sound of the wind with the wind chimes! (Irene certainly brought lots of wind!!!)

    Last weekend we stopped at Old Orchard Beach taking Route 1 home from Portland. It isn't what I remembered because The Pier is now mostly bars and a restaurant instead of my memory's vision of Noah's Ark and the magical arcades with the giant stuffed animal prizes. Well, the ocean is still there and as lovely as I remembered.
    2394 days ago
    Your yard is just beautiful. I really like that one big tree in front. I could sit on your porch and appreciate all that beauty.
    2394 days ago
    I almost think it is better not to go back to places that have fond memories growing up. Last summer I visited Arizona and went by the home where I spent time visiting my grandparents in Goodyear. She would have flowers growing where ever there was a spot of dirt. They had a beautiful yard and a wonderful orange tree that I can remember looking up through the branches as the sun playfully shone through and the oranges were as big as grapefruits and so juicy. Well, it was horrible, the neighborhood is all run down and the house has rock where the gardens and yard was. They took the tree down and closed off the carport in a poor manner. I wish I had not gone by.
    2395 days ago
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