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A look inside my brain

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ok. I have always been a control freak. I had a devil of a time dealing with situations where I did not have control of the situation. OK . . . well, that's what life is FULL of . . . situations we cannot control.

I have had to re-tool my thinking a lot (hence the look inside my brain! Scary stuff! LOL) What I have learned is:

1. I cannot control situations.
2. I cannot control other people.

PHEW. OK, two huge lessons down. That leads to lesson #3 for me:

3. I may not be in control of situations or other people but the one constant I CAN control is my reaction to situations and people! I can control ME!

So, that is what I am working hard to take charge of . . . myself.

It is not always easy, but I have also come to learn that real life lessons are not meant to be easy! That's the part that makes me a stronger person for having gone through many life situations.

So, hang in there. when it comes to life, take charge of YOU and the rest will follow.

Just a quick update. DS is now assigned a new job (and it's finalized). He will be a combat engineer. Training will be in Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri. 9 wks, 4 days of basics then 5 more weeks of specialized training. As he describes the job it is " . . . building bridges and other things and blowing things up." Alrighty, that's about the most succinct job description I've ever heard in my life!

DH was supposed to have an out-of-town trip from Sunday through Tuesday to Philly. Now it's cancelled, Secretly I'm happy, because I hate it when he's out of town.

If you've gotten this far in reading my ramblings, thanks! Let's make today count.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! Those are the hardest lessons to learn! It's so easy to want to control other people and other situations, but when it comes to ourselves it's just as easy to lack control!
    2394 days ago
    What a great MOS he has! That will be really marketable when he gets out, too! And of course I love your "theme," as you knew I would!
    2394 days ago
    Thinking of you! emoticon
    2394 days ago
    Good for you for being willing to learn those lessons. Finally coming to accept that the only thing I can control is myself -- my thoughts, feelings and actions is all at once both freeing and maddening. I have no one or thing to blame any more!
    I wish your son good luck. Sounds like a job my 10-yr old might somebody enjoy!

    2395 days ago
    It sounds like your son is excited about what he will be doing. The military teaches well. If it is something that he has a keen interest in, it will not seem like a bad thing to him.

    I enlisted because I didn't want a typing job and guess what, I was made a clerk typist, lol! Talk about not being able to control things!

    I have learned a lesson, some might not agree with me. I am like a baby in a car seat with a steering wheel on it. I think I am driving, but I don't know how to. My father is really driving the car and letting me think I am driving while in my car seat. An analogy for God, my heavenly Father, is the one in control. But hey, that's just my two cents.

    I salute you and your son, you for being the Mom of a soldier and your son for being the soldier. I look forward to the time when we will beat our swords into plowshares, when we won't learn war any more; that will be when Jesus reigns, but not until then.
    2395 days ago
    You are so right. I still haven't gotten used to this not-controlling-situations thing. I guess only time will help... :-)
    2396 days ago
    "It is not always easy, but I have also come to learn that real life lessons are not meant to be easy! That's the part that makes me a stronger person for having gone through many life situations."

    So true...if life's lessons were easy, life would pretty pretty boring.
    2396 days ago
    Rats, I thought I could. Ok then, I guess I apply this sense of control to my eating...
    2396 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    It sounds like both you and your son are handling this new phase of your lives, well. I often remind myself that I cannot control others. When someone accuses me of being controlling, I have been known to respond: "well, clearly I am not very good at it because you certainly aren't doing what I want you to do!" I am ready for the new phase of my DS's life - college, which begins in 20 days (but who is counting?) I am ready to miss him, which I know I will, but it is time for him to commence with the business of becoming a grown-up. I like your reminder to "make today count". I am coming off days of exhaustion and being very non-productive and undisciplined so it feels good to have gotten lots of things done so far today. Take care!
    2396 days ago
    here are 2 more lessons worth looking into
    4. there are people who touch your life who want to control you. Learn how people manipulate others so that you can recognize the 'game' and are better able to respond.
    5. learning how to manipulate others can be used for 'good' purposes. It's all about intent.

    Two great books that provide great insight. both by Robert Greene
    "Art of Seduction" and the "48 laws of Power".
    2396 days ago
    That's a good motivator: Make today count. It's going in my daily affirmation.
    2397 days ago
    Yes, let's make the day count. I am so neglectful in letting the moments slide but Woo Hoo! I can change. God speed on working on your changes.
    2397 days ago
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