PLEASE READ!!!! HELP ME! I know it is long but I need advice.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yeah I know this isn't a weight loss blog or anything like that. But I really need help with a guy thing. I know I sound weird and stupid for asking this question but I never believe people I actually know so maybe strangers will help me out.

So here it goes.

I live in a college town and was a janitor for the summer. I am 22 and while working there I met an older shy guy that I started to have massive feelings for. He doesn't like people but he liked hanging around me and one other girl that I met there. One day I told her how I felt about him and she told me "Oh my god you need to tell him. I think he likes you too. I always catch him staring at you." The next day at work she texts me while we were all in the room just to tell me that he was staring at me and he looked up and saw her looking at him and he was like "what?” I also always caught him many, many times too.

He also always hated to be touched by anybody and when they would he would squirm and run away yet every time I did it he wouldn’t move at all. One day I said “uhh I touched you and you didn’t move” he was like “I gave you a look”. That is another weird thing.

We had a BBQ at another workers house and we got him to ride there with us and another guy. When we got there he wouldn't sit down. I told him to sit down and that I wouldn't bite him lol. Then he sat down on the couch next to me but he looked super stiff and so I was like you know you can spread out a bit more. He finally got comfortable and for some reason pulled my keys out of my purse. For some reason he always liked to play with anything I had lying around like my keys or my phone or my ipod.

Me and my friend like to make him kind of uncomfortable to make him come out of his shell so after the BBQ when we dropped him off we told him that we will be coming over to hang out. We ended up buying some mikes hard. When we got to his place he was super uncomfortable but we all got to talking and it was ok. My friend kept asking him questions and he hates it because we get so much out of him lol. So then she told me to tell him my "secret.” I told her no. And she was like please we don’t know to much about you. He just turns his whole body to me, smiles and says "yes let’s hear about you." (Another thing is he hates is hearing about people. Except one time at work, the 3 of us were talking about drunken awkward moments. He really wanted know mine but I never ended up telling him about it.) "I don't know anything about you except that you are an animal lover and I like that." I thought that was an odd thing to say. Then he started asking me questions like "do you play any instruments? Do you play any sports?" which I answered no to both. So then he tells me "you should play hockey! I love hockey and used to play." My friend then asks "are hockey girls hot?" And he replies with "oh yeah".

When I told him that it was my last day of work he got all shocked and was like “what today is your last day?” and I was just like yeah. He was like “well a little bit of warning would have been nice.” He looked kind of upset and made a little moan. At the end of the day our boss and a lady we worked with were in our boss’s office having a really heated argument. I saw the guy I liked coming down the hall so I stretched out to look at him and he did the same thing. Somebody saw him do it and he was like “she peeped at me so I peeped back at her.” When he noticed that our co-worker and boss were fighting he looked at me and I was like “what?” He was like “I’m scared” “can I hide behind you?” I was standing in front of a wall with a tiny garbage can behind me so I was like “uh I guess if you want to stand in the garbage can.” So he came up right next to me and stood there cowering.” He was like super close and he hates being that close to people. When we were leaving I had planned on telling him how I felt. But he like took off in one direction and I went in the other direction. All I could do was yell “bye….” but all he said back was “yeah”. I had a friend that still worked there and before I left I found some glasses and I left them there so my friend ended up putting them in his backpack and telling him I would be by his place to pick them up. All he said was “now I can’t roam around my house naked all the time” lol.
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    Yes he really is very introverted but so am I. That is a huge problem. I am extremely shy when it comes to people I like so I'm not sure how it is going to work out but I have to give it a shot I guess. Can't live my life with a million regrets. I need to take chances whether I end up hurt or happy right?
    2302 days ago
    Good luck when you pick up your glasses ^_^

    this is one of those things that asking someone else might not help, we can all advise you this way or that, but i think you really just needed someone to hear what you had to say and say go for it, no?

    he sounds like a very introverted kind of guy, and being a very shy girl myself, its hard for me to talk to people face to face but its easier if someone else makes that first move. so maybe making that first move to try to further a more solid friendship will help?

    try asking him to hang out and what not and see how that goes, try to make it just the 2 of you in a semi public semi private kinda area.
    2302 days ago
    By older I mean by 9 years. I am 22. Maybe you are right but the thing is that my summer job is over now so I wont see him again. Plus there is a lot more that has happened just I felt that it was already way to long to add another like 80 paragraphs. So that is why she was pushing. I have never told a guy that I have liked him before and I feel like maybe when I do go pick up the glasses it is a good time. And also the thing is he doesn't care to get to know anybody. I am the only person that he outright asks questions like that too. Thanks you guys have a wonderful day too emoticon
    2303 days ago
    I agree with the previous poster. Getting to know him better as a person will be better for the both of you.

    It seems like your friend is trying to push the relationship a little too quickly. (i.e. asking if "hockey girls are hot" puts the pressure of romance on immediately) It might be best to spend some time with him alone so you don't have to feel that pressure of a romantic relationship. The more "real" time you spend with him with the two of you, the better you both will feel. :)

    2303 days ago
  • DEE0973
    When you say older shy guy, how much older?
    2303 days ago
    It sounds like this guy was trying to get to know you as a person. It also sounds like he could be interested in you too. However, take it slow and continue when you have an opportunity to build on a foundation of friendship first. When you already have "feelings" for someone in secret those feelings can cloud your judgement and/or perception of the person until you have a chance to spend "real time" with him. Have a wonderful day emoticon
    2303 days ago
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