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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A dialogue with my body.

Me: "Role call! How is everyone doing?!"

Legs: "Man, I am LOVING not having to hold up so much friggin' weight! And man I have been lookin' good these past 6 months!"

Skin: "I'm glowing! I mean, take a look!"

Liver: "Oh thank you Miss B for eating better, drinking more water and for not treating me so badly. I can now function properly!"

Heart: "I'm going strong B and I no longer have to work so hard to keep you going! Enjoy!"

Feet: "We do love not being so damn tired all of the time. Want to take a walk?"

Finger Nails: "We're still as strong as ever and we look gorgeous!"

Boobs:"Get us more bras! You're no longer a DD, GET OVER IT."

Stomach: "I LOVE FRUIT AND VEGGIES! But don't forget the Ice Cream, I still love that! Everything in moderation."

Vocal Chords: "Oh my goodness it's so much easier to sing and so much more fun!"

Diaphragm: "Boy do I work out now! My buddies the vocal chords can now belt out those high C's with such ease. KEEP THIS UP! Who knows what we'll be capable of!?"

Me: "Did you guys notice how that guy was flirting with me the other day?! How cool was that?!"

Body: "WOOHOO!"

Yes, this blog was totally silly. But you get the point.

50lbs is only a blink away!


Starting: 285lbs
Week One: 274lbs
Week Two: 270lbs
Week Three: 267lbs
Week Four: 267lbs
Week Five: 262lbs
Week Six: 260lbs
Week Seven: 258lbs
Week Eight: 258lbs
Week Nine: 257lbs
Week Ten: 257lbs
Week Eleven: 253lbs
Week Twelve: 252lbs
Week Thirteen: 251lbs
Week Fourteen: 246lbs
Week Fifteen: 244lbs
Week Sixteen: 247lbs
Week Seventeen: 246lbs
Week Eighteen: 243lbs
Week Nineteen: 240.6lbs
Week Twenty: 238lbs
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