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I Felt The Earth Move Under My Feet!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yes, I was in the middle of a great strength training session, but that isn't why the earth moved! We actually had an earthquake! I live in South central Virginia and we don't have earthquakes! I was watching my soap as I sweated and lifted weights. My dog, Jack, was perched on his throne next to the front door. He has been acting weird all day, so I don't know if he sensed the earthquake coming or what, but he has been barking his nervous bark all morning. anyhow, it was a little after 2 I think and the whole house shook. At first I thought maybe a big truck was passing and made the house tremble, but it was much stronger than I ever felt and Jack was going cracy. There was a low rumbling noise too and the dishes in the hutch and my wine glasses in the wine glass caddy under my cabinets were rattling! It lasted about 6 seconds. I thought maybe a really bad storm was approaching. I thought maybe the wind was doing really weird things and I did worry since I felt the trembling under my feet. I thought perhaps Jack & I were to become Dorothy & Toto and our house to be blown somewhere! The news broke in a few minutes later and said there was an earthquake centered b/t Richmond and Charlottesville, both about 3 hours away from us BTW! It was a 5.8. It was weird. I'm sure those of you on the West coast would find a 5.8 funny, but I have never experienced an earthquake in my life! Wow! Had to share this new experience with everyone!
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    No tumbling skies?? lol What an experience you had! I'm glad you and Jack are ok- Mother Earth has been doing a lot of talking lately.
    2184 days ago
  • HICIM705
    We felt it in NJ, too (well, it seems like a lot of people did - I didn't). DD was doing a project for the first day of school and called me and told me we had an earthquake. DH was in the hospital - upstairs from my office that day and he said that he felt his bed shake.

    I feel kind of left out because I didn't feel anything!
    2185 days ago
    5.8 is significant. I am a northwest coast girl and we get little ones frequently. The rolling one happened when I was walking home from school in the fourth grade. I don't know how big it was, but the sidewalk rolled like someone snapping out a rug runner. The 4. earthquake swayed the fourth story of the education building at Portland State University. Another bigger one bounced the school floor up and down. That was a weird one. I just thought it was the highschoolers jumping up and down in the gym till we heard the news report. Then there was the roaring one the caused so much damage on the west side of Portland and we never even felt it on the east side. Glad you and Jack were safe. Nice that he can feel them before they build up energy. Just too bad our animals can't push a button to notify us in advance. That anxious whine can be anything from approaching hurricane to squirrel on the porch.
    2187 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/24/2011 4:52:58 PM
    No aftershocks yet. They say this quake was shallow..near the surface, that's why it spread out so much. The ground consistency out here is not as hard as out California way. That led to the spread and damages too.Washington DC got hit pretty bad.with all those buildings.
    Our places out here are not built for earthquakes..we have different building codes.
    By the way did anybody hear about a quake in Arizona today too?? I think that's where they said it was. I know there was a second one today. Don't know if it was cause by this one or just it's own thing?
    2187 days ago
  • JANIE724
    Welcome to the Earthquake Club! Yes, in Southern California, we're used to these little shakers... and a 5.8 isn't that big of a deal - it has to get in the 6's to really get us to notice!

    Evidently that even though you feel the quake, the earth is kinda moving beforehand and there are strange noises that only animals can hear and feel. So, yes, Jack knew something was coming - he probably never felt an earthquake either!

    Aftershocks, anyone?
    2187 days ago
    It was shaking here too in WV. Glad you didn't do a Dorothy & Toto impersonation!
    2187 days ago
    Felt it in southwestern PA also. Shook the house. But all is ok. So glad that you are safe.
    2187 days ago
  • DEE107
    felt i all the way in New Jersey and hubby 110 miles away felt it as it moved his chair too thought it was my leg going out from under neath me
    2187 days ago
    I felt it in Columbia SC but it was very light and I actually thought I was experiencing vertigo. My crazy dog that goes into shock during a thunderstorm was sleeping and lifted his head, saw me and back to sleep. Our pendulum clock stopped at 1:51. It WAS a weird sensation. Glad you are okay!! Hugs
    2187 days ago
    felt it in Canton,Oh I did not,I was in our basement,but my husband was sitting in front of the computer,and said the desk,monitor shook.We are going through Virginia in a few weeks on our way to N.Carolina.Probably just in time for the
    2188 days ago
    I'm in PA and I missed the whole thing!! BUT I talked to several people and the hospital, 5 miles west from me shook. Talked to others 5 miles north and the phone almost fell off the table. An elderly lady friend of mine 25 miles south almost got knocked off her couch by the shaking..and another across the Monongahela River,east from me got shook up too!!
    So I don't know how I missed going to try and catch a couple of neighbors to see if they felt anything!! I miss all the fun!!! I don't understand how people so close, like right up the hill could shake a hospital and I not feel it??
    Glad you're OK though. It must have been quite a shock!!!
    2188 days ago
    Thank you Carole King!LOL You're a little earth mover yourself you know!!!LOL

    Felt nothing but some said they felt it here in South Carolina. I'll bet Jack did know something was awry and was trying to let you know and probably would have tried to protect you if necessary.

    My Jack slept right through it. That's a cat for you! You're right about quakes not happening in our part of the world. In 6th grade we were told it couldn't happen because the geology wasn't right for earthquakes. Somebody lied didn't they? I hope we don't get any serious earthquakes!

    2188 days ago
    My dog was making a low growling noise for about an hour before the earthquake hit. That was so scary! Yeah, people in California are used to more severe tremors, but I'm not in California...I'm in Maryland and I was sure scared!
    2188 days ago
    I have been wondering about all of you when I heard that, Poor jack, they say animals can sense these things
    2188 days ago
    I am in NJ and I felt the same thing. My whole house was shaking and rattling. I thought it was weird because no wind was causing the shaking.
    2188 days ago
    I am in a meeting and they were just talking about this. You don't hear about earthquakes on the east coast very often. Hope everything is ok.
    2188 days ago
    Felt some small tremors here in west-central OH too !
    2188 days ago
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