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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We've all heard some "expert" advising that we should only weigh ourselves once a week. And there's proven wisdom in that as The National Weight Control Registry ( ) has reported that participants that weighed in at least once a week maintained the greatest losses over time. I too adhere to this and weigh in only twice a week: Sunday is what I post here and again midweek to see how I'm doing. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good.
Now a new study is preaching the gospel of the daily trip to the scale. Researchers from the University of Minnesota looked at more than 3,000 obese and overweight adults who were enrolled in trials that either focused on weight loss or on the prevention of weight gain. At the end of the two year study, researchers found that those who weighed themselves on a daily basis lost an average of 12 pounds, compared to people who weighed themselves weekly and lost an average of six pounds. Those who said they never weighed themselves gained an average of four pounds.
Of course, if one wants to follow such a regiment there should be rules like weighing at the same time every day, like first thing in the morning, and not weighing yourself next to windows above the 1st floor if prone to fits of hysteria at what you might see on the scale.
Although more studies are in order, researchers reason the daily weigh-ins allow people the opportunity to catch small increases in weight, and make the necessary changes, before they become bigger increases in weight. So where do you stand on this issue? Me, I'll be on the scale on the 1st floor.

Study in: Annals of Behavioral Medicine
Excerpts from: "Study: Daily weigh-in helpful for some dieters" at
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I find that when I weigh myself 3 times/week, things go better for me. If I don't get on the just doesn't exist and my weight goes up.
    2335 days ago
  • -SEVEN-
    A couple times a week for me also- the same days, the same time (morning, naked, after the shower, take a big breath in... let it all out, hold, and pray for a fantastic result!) emoticon
    2337 days ago
    when I weighed in daily I was losing, weighing in weekly works sometimes. I can't find consistancy, that's my problem. Thanks for the "thinking blog" :)
    2341 days ago
    Interesting. I've tried it many ways. Started out everyday...I was so confused by day to day changes. Went to once a week and got stressed about doing well. Now I just go on the scale at the Dr every couple months. Still haven't found something that works...maybe it's just me :) However, I feel that when you know you're going to weigh, you tend to do better. Something to think about. THanks! E
    2341 days ago
  • JACKIE4019
    I weigh daily but I don't let the daily up and downs bother me.
    2341 days ago
  • THEMIS27
    I prefer daily weigh-ins too. I think the key is to realize that fluctuations are normal and that no, I didn't *really* gain 4 pounds yesterday. But, if I'm showing a gain, I know I need to dial back the food a bit. As long as the general trend is downward, I'm happy. emoticon
    2341 days ago
    Wow, I always weigh in every morning after I shower, bathroom necessities, and naked. But I only count it on weigh in day (Wednesdays).
    2341 days ago
    I was going every day to start, it helped me analyze maybe I shouldn't have had this or should've done that. My recent trip to Nashville showed me maybe daily wasn't the answer, as when I came home I was 307 and two days later I was back to 297. Stoopid delicious barbecued food.
    My official day is Friday, but I will peek in every now and then.
    2341 days ago
    I weigh every morning... otherwise I just let myself go until a day or 2 before weigh-in day. emoticon
    2341 days ago
    i'll stick w/the ground floor...preferably with nothing breakable, within feet and arms reach emoticon
    2342 days ago
    I am doing it once a week. I have no need to obsess over my weight and live by what a scale tells me. If we are to be loosing and average of 1.5 to 2 pounds a week yet check daily we would have to spend more time focusing on our weight and less time on why we are trying to loose our weight.
    2342 days ago
    I used to weigh weekly, but now I do weigh every day. I find it helps keep me in touch with what my body is doing. I know that fluctuations are normal, so I don't freak out if I'm up a pound or two one day. I find that weighing everyday actually helped me with my relationship with the scale. I'm more used to ups and downs and I know it will change again tomorrow but as long as the overall trend is down I'm happy.
    2342 days ago
    I used to weigh every day but I don't anymore. The scale was running my life!! I weigh 2 times a week. Saturday morning is my official weigh in. Then Tuesday or Wednesday I weigh again. I can live with this!!!

    Good blog!!! Hope you have a great day!!!
    2342 days ago
  • LEAKAY59
    I'm a weigh every day gal, Kirk. I believe it's just like everything else here at Spark, a personal, whatever-works-for-you piece of the larger puzzle. I weigh every morning after my first trip to the bathroom, always in just my nightie so there's no food intake yet. It works for me, to catch the small changes before they become huge problems, just as the study you quoted found. To each his/her own, and Spark On!

    P.S. We live in a ground-floor apartment, LOL!
    2342 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/23/2011 6:32:53 AM
    I weigh every morning, same time. Yes, there are fluctuations, but I am aware of them. I just prefer to stay on top of it and it works for me. I am 8 years plus on maintenance (after losing 157 lbs)... so I know there are lots who might not agree with me,, but it is a plan that I can live with. Have a wonderful day! emoticon
    2342 days ago
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