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Fiber, Eggs, & Greek Yogurt

Monday, August 22, 2011

My major focus right now is trying to stay in all my nutrition ranges on a consistent basis. I've gotta say, it's tough! I don't seem to have a problem staying on the low end of my calories, and the big three nutrients are covered (with the occasional lapse in protein), but I've also been tracking sodium and fiber, and they're giving me some trouble.

The sodium isn't too worrisome to me at the moment, mostly because I haven't been tracking it long enough to see if I miss the target more than I hit it. Right now, I've hit it 4 out of 6 days. But, fiber has become my nemesis! Spark recommends 25 grams a day. I've hit that target 2 out of 14 days. That's horrible! I'm thinking it's probably due to the fact that I eat very few vegetables. I'm considering adding some metamucil or something, but I haven't decided yet. I did buy some Fiber One bars today, so I'll see if that helps at all. I usually only miss the target by 3-4 grams, but it has been as much as 8 grams on at least one occasion.

I'm still trying to figure out if I've got a sensitivity to Greek yogurt. I bought a different brand to see if it helps, but I'm honestly not optimistic about it. I was talking to Hubby about my nausea/stomach pain (he takes a lot of weight lifting supplements including protein shakes), and he said he's never had a problem. But, in the middle of the conversation I realized that I have a similar reaction to eggs. I don't eat them because they tend to make me nauseated. I always thought I just didn't like eggs, but now I'm thinking I probably have a sensitivity to them as well. I don't have problems with other dairy products or proteins (that I know of), but I was googling stuff yesterday and apparently eggs are a common cause of food sensitivity. Anyway, I'm going to try this other brand of Greek yogurt and see what happens.

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    I use Fiber One Non Fat Yogurt - 50 calories, 5 grams fiber.

When needed I also use plain old original Fiber One cereal - 1/4 cup = 5 grams fiber and only 30 calories.

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