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It's good to be alive - REALLY!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well, today I count myself lucky to be among the living. I'm basically healthy, mostly full of energy, have dealt with all the "repair" things that need to be done to my body except for the knee replacements that I know are looming..... and have even begun taking care of things that are more "cosmetic" in nature, like dental work. I have a gold crown on my right rear molar, that I got at age 15. That's 43 years ago. They told me it would only last 15 to 20 years. Well, today, it finally fell off. It was there at 10:30 this morning, I know, because my tongue is drawn to it because there is a big "hole" in it, and my dentist has been urging me to get it replaced. Anyways, I've been avoiding chewing on that side for a while because food gets caught in the hole, and there are some jagged edges at the top of the crown that have either broken off or something.... well, I was standing in the lunch room while my soft (scrambled eggs) lunch was heating up, and talking to a co-worker, doing nothing special or unusual..... and when I got back to my desk with my lunch, my tongue went automatically to the crown "just to check it out".... and OMG!!! It was gone!! In its place was a very sharp and jagged crater that immediately cut my tongue. Ahhhh - where did it go???? I certainly didn't feel it in anything I was chewing up, I didn't feel a lump go down my throat, I hadn't had a coughing or sneezing fit that might have blown it out of my mouth.... the only logical assumption is that I swallowed it!

Well, I made an emergency appointment with my dentist to get a temporary crown put back on so that my tongue and cheek wouldn't be turned into "hamburger".... and while they were fitting me with an aluminum replacement, they got too close to the back of my throat, and my hyperactive gag reflex kicked in, and I gagged, and my throat opened wide, and this huge aluminum crown fell off the back of my tooth and right down my windpipe. Oh man.... Panic time! I began to cough and gag and spit and cough some more, but it just kept working its way down my throat until it felt like it was about halfway to my stomach. Although I was coughing violently, it didn't feel like it was going to come back up, so I began swallowing, trying to get it to go down. Wasn't working. FINALLY after about two minutes of vigorous coughing, someone whacked me on the back hard, and a final violent cough sent it flying out of my throat and onto the floor! Man, that thing was about the size of a dice cut in half!!

I felt sorry for the poor dental assistant, she was scared out of her wits, and wanted to call 911. I didn't THINK I was in danger of dying, as I was able to cough and get SOME words out.... but that thing with its sharp edges really cut a trail down my esophagus, and I'm still coughing from the irritation nearly 10 hours later.

They finally got a temporary replacement crown on that back tooth, and the doc made sure he glued it in really SECURELY.... so, all's well that ends well.

But, I have found a real and unusual reason to be glad I'm alive today. I hope none of you ever have to go through that kind of panic! I hope I never have to experience it again!!

Thank you, blessed Mother!
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    OH MY how frightening !!! It is good to hear though that someone had the sense to wrap you on the back to cough it out !!! As KOFFEENUT said be gentle with your throat for a while.
    2376 days ago
    Wow......that'll sure be playing on your mind next trip to the dentist, won't it??? I am so glad you're safe and weren't harmed, tho, OMG, that would just be scary as hell!! Sounds like you have quite a bit to be thankful for, to me! I had all of my bottom molars yanked some years back and chose to go with a partial. Have actually been considering having the rest of them jerked and just going with dentures but haven't totally made up my mind yet. May just do that on the bottom for now and just have veneers on the top, since I've never had a problem with the top teeth, I dunno. Would be nice to have a bright white smile! LOL My teeth have been dingy all my life,thanx to the antibiotics they gave me as a child when I had pneumonia, I have a set of snap ons that I use for pictures because of my self-consciousness about them. Hope you don't have any more scary episodes like that, that would almost turn you off of going to the dentist entirely!
    2379 days ago
    That MUST have been horrible. I had crowns, too at different times, but NEVER had one fall down my throat. Now I have an upper plate & no real molars.
    Thank the gods you are okay now.
    2379 days ago
    You were so fortunate to be able to cough the darn thing up - although the ragged edges likely weren't good for your esophagus, they wouldn't have done any favors to the rest of your digestive system, either! Be gentle with your throat for a couple of days!!!
    2380 days ago
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