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Objects at rest tend to remain at rest--is this a conspiracy?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have a great system for getting regular exercise: I walk/jog 1.25 miles on my lunch break each day and 3.5 miles on Sunday afternoon.

This works because my kids are in school during my lunch breaks and at their dad's from after church on Sundays to Wednesdays when I get off work. I don't have to worry about kicking my two-year-old in the head as he attempts to climb onto the Wii board. I'm not tired because it's the middle of the day. It keeps me from getting fast food for lunch. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

(I look JUST like this, except for the body.)

Except this week.

Saturdays I don't typically exercise because it's nearly impossible with the four kids under eight in tow. (Before you tell me to take them to the park, please close your eyes and imagine how it feels when your two-year-old dirties his diaper just when you see the four-year-old run out of the gate of the play area and your five-year-old gets knocked over by a 12-year-old punk on the slide and your seven-year-old yells that she has to pee REALLYBADRIGHTNOW. It is not conducive to exercise, much less safety for them or sanity for me.)

(I know you THINK it looks like this when we go.)

(But it's more like this, and I'm the officer in the foreground.)

The kids' dad had to work a special sale on Sunday so I got to enjoy an extra day and night with them. No Sunday 3.5.

I was paid Monday and spent my lunch break cashing my check, paying for extra school supplies at the kids' school, running to Walmart for more school uniforms and headphones, and paying bills by phone. No Monday 1.25.

A few days ago my boss asked me to teach a PowerPoint class to some new hires "after lunch" today. No biggie, right? It turns out that he wanted me to accompany him and the new hires to lunch. So no lunch break exercise, restaurant food* for the lunch I usually skip, and grrrrrrr! No Tuesday 1.25.

*(Ooh, edited to add that the restaurant lunch turned out to be Jason's Deli, which has a delightfully healthy Spinach Veggie Wrap for 359 calories. Not as bad as I thought at all!)

A series of unfortunate events suddenly means that I'm 6 miles down for the week and that tonight I'll have gone 4 days without exercise.

You may recall from Physics that "an object in motion tends to remain in motion; an object at rest tends to remain at rest." I don't want to remain at rest!!!

So I'm posting this blog entry to ask you to hold me accountable to a promise, as follows:

Tonight, even if I'm tired, I'm going to do 3.5 miles on the treadmill.

It's time to stomp all over Newton and get this body in motion again.

Edited to add (at just shy of 7pm): I did it. I reeeeeally didn't want to. At the very least, I would have been tempted to stick to my usual lunch 1.25 if I hadn't known that I'd have to confess it here. So thanks for the accountability! I'm sure I'll feel proud of myself later, when I'm not this tired.
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  • NANA717
    Oh my goodness, dear one, how I love your blogs!! This is so cute! And I DO understand and feel for you! I do! in everything you wrote about. Love the pictures!!!! You are talented!! And OK, here I am! I am holding you accountable for tonight!!! You must report back to me as to how you spend your evening. (I'm also on a new 'thing', just starting something today, have no idea if I'll keep with it or if it's a good idea, but at least giving it a shot for today. If I decide that it is going to work for me and be an answer, I'll tell you more and you can hold ME accountable!!) Blessings!! Dalena
    2291 days ago
    LMAO at the picture of what you and your kids look like at the park! Good luck getting in your exercise tonight.
    2291 days ago
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