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The birds and I

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A lot of you are interested in the birds that I have. Yes I have a lot of birds! 2000 to be exact! I am a breeder/trainer. I have had birds all my life since I was 5 years old. When I was 5 my grandmother bought me a parakeet and that got the ball rolling for me! I saved up my allowance and bought another parakeet. I taught that little guy how to talk and to do a couple of tricks. I was then hooked! I then bought a book on parakeets and my grandmother would read it to me. I would save all the money that I would get and put it towards birds. I then would get another pair of birds like love birds and so on. My grandfather would take me in the woodshop and we would make nest box's. Eventually I was doing these things on my own. I started breeding birds and taking babies from one clutch and putting them with babies from another clutch from another family and eventually I got to where I am today. I make all of my own cages, aviaries, nest box's, bird toys, hand feeding formula, and mind you, the hand feeding formula is all different depending on the type of bird and the requirements of that bird. Some need more protein then others. your larger birds like the macaws ( jacob my blue and gold macaw in the photo) These birds have a longer life span then the average person! they live over a 100 years!! I also go into the schools and educate the children about these birds because what they see when they see them is that they are beautiful! and I say yes they are beautiful but there's a lot more to these birds then just there beauty! The first thing I say is research, research, research! because these birds take 150% of your time, and they are very costly, and the food and supplies are very costly. A 50# bag of cockatiel food is $60. ! And that only last's a week maybe! Being that these birds live such a long time , you also have to make provisions for them. And the person or people who will be taking over the care of these birds, will #1 want too and #2 research! My children will be taking over after me. My youngest is 6 and my oldest is 14 and they love all the birds and they work and learn right beside me !! I hope you all enjoyed this little bit about my life ! and if you all have any questions at all, please don't be shy! Ask away!! love you all, Rose P.S I Just want to throw a little ' FYI ' in here too. most of a birds strength is in their necks and in your exotic birds like these, they have 450#'s of pressure per square their beaks ! And they can take your fingers off! and they have a need to chew and can be very destructive!! Rose
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    Where do you put all these birds? It is interesting. I do not know how you have time for everything including all your spark teams.
    1484 days ago
    Thank you Rose. How interesting! We have had canaries (3) one had a black cap of long feathers on its head we called that one Cappy. The others werw Sunshine and Buttercup.

    Later as our kids were older we had been given a cocketiel and we named it Snoshoe. I loved snoshoe and before we had to get him a new home he learned to say pretty birdie. At that time we had a foster care home and had a couple of people (men) that kept poking at him when they thought they could get away with it so he got mean with everyone. I was so sad. Later we did end up rescuing 2 more. One in Florida came to us and ended up in our garage. That one we named Maui. He never did stop bitting.Thenwe bought a little crippled footed one her name was Launi. Then we came back to Michigan and there was one runningand flying a bit down the middle of the road. We named that one Kaui. The pet store wanted Kaui and a good friend of ours fell in love with Launi and Maui and they seemed to have a mutual feeling for our friend. So our friend took them.
    But birds and animals seem to like our family. And do come to us!
    1641 days ago
    It's a labor of love, to be sure!!! I'm so glad to hear that you're also sharing your love of birds and their care with others... If it saves just one bird from mistreatment, it will have been all worth it.

    {{{Hugs}}} Hen
    1848 days ago
    Interesting stuff! We had a pair of parakeets when I was a teenager. I have had different types of animals over the years, but usually one or two at a time.
    1866 days ago
    That is so interesting Rose! As I said on your page my Great Uncle was a bird breeder. I enjoyed the parakeets, but did not get the bug like you did.
    I love all animals, like you, but am more into cats. I used to breed Siamese... that was in another life. Now I have a new life with a great husband and two rescue kitties.
    1886 days ago
    I am glad that you help educate people about these wonderful animals. I used to have parakeets for years and I love birds of all kinds. I wish I could have birds like you do, they are so active and smart.
    2092 days ago
    This is really awesome. I used to have cockatiels, my oldest one lived around 16 years. I have a sister in Florida who used to own a pet shop in Jupiter and she used to bring all her babies home in her van every night and hand feed them. Wow, it was such a job. She also has a cockatoo named Kiwi that she's had for about 25 years. I really love birds, but just don't have the time to devote to them right now with everything else going on in my love. Love your blog though and thanks for let me know about it.

    Cindy emoticon
    2119 days ago
    You are a nice lady to take them into the schools........educational.

    I love this! emoticon
    2136 days ago
    Interesting blog!
    We had a Double Yellow head parrot when I was a kid.
    I remember him snapping my dads small shirt button one time with no problem with his beak.
    2143 days ago
    Thanks for suggesting I read this blog. You really are dedicated to your birds and their care. We had a Severe Macaw for many years. Shannon was a character for sure.

    2147 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    Wow, I learned a lot by reading your blog that I didn't know about birds!!!! Thank you for the really Awesome information!!!!!
    2147 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Amazing. I don't see where you have the time to do it all. You must never sleep.

    2277 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/27/2011 5:58:09 PM
    Thanks so much for sharing! I have a great love for birds as well! I would love to have a green cheek conure and my dream bird is an African gray! I would love to see more pics of your birds if you have time!
    God Bless
    2338 days ago
    Wow..very interesting Rose...I have had cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets, budgies, and a Sun Conure! I have a friend that raises birds..she doesn't have nearly what you have but raises very sweet hand fed smaller birds..lovebirds, budgies, parrotlets etc. Well..nice to meet you Rose..bird people are good people!!
    2344 days ago
    Very interesting. Wow. With that many birds, your bills (no pun intended) must be astronomical. Best of luck to your and your feathered friends!
    2347 days ago
    What an interesting life you lead, Rose! It was great to learn more about your birds. Ironically, Mother said my first word was "bird" when I was a babe~ even tho' we didn't have a parakeet at the time. From about age 12 on we always had parakeets. Thanks for sharing. *hugs* BB~
    2350 days ago
    Great blog! very informative and your love for our Feathered Friends are clear.

    Keep up the good work and thank YOU for taking such good care of God's critters.

    emoticon emoticon
    2353 days ago
    I love birds too! ;) emoticon It’s great that you shared all this! emoticon

    2356 days ago
    Oh I am fascinated.God must have sent you to add me as a friend because I have always loved birds .I bow to your much grreater knowledge though I have only had budgies. My husband rescued a blue budgie before she was sucked into the jet intake at the military airport one of the crew wanted to feed her to his snake, Al said no he would take her home to his wife and daughter and that is how hangar Hilary came to live with us !This was an amazing blog and I would love to hear more ! emoticon Cheri
    2359 days ago
    That's nice that you have been into birds for so long, and that you are teaching your children as well. I bet the kids at school love it when you visit!
    2362 days ago
    Rose, you need to educate our youngest daughter. DeAnna has 7 parrots, and 3 other larger birds (cockatiels I think), 5 dogs, and 1 cat (that I know about). Oh, I forgot, she has 2 baby birds that she has to hand feed (don't really understand about that). We tease her when we go visit her, telling her we decided to visit the zoo. You have a really demanding "job/hobby". I know it takes an awful lot of time/energy to tend to all those birds.
    2370 days ago
  • BECCAJ98
    Birds are awesome animals! My aunt has several and been breeding her love birds. I got to watch some of the newborns for a week....amazing how quickly they grow!
    2379 days ago
    I love birds too! It is awesome that you go into the schools,I bet the kids love it. emoticon
    2380 days ago
    I've raised 2 from birds from babies - a cockatiel (who died a few years back) and a cockatoo (who I had to give away). I still have a cockatiel and a parakeet today. I have had birds also since I was little. I wouldn't know a home that didn't have a bird in it!
    2380 days ago
    Wow. I bet they keep you very busy. I had a friend who used to do bird rescues and she had an average of 10 birds. I loved to go to her house and talk to the birds.
    2380 days ago
  • TONI501
    That was very interesting. Thanks for sharing, now I know little more about you. Your emoticon .

    Have a great day! emoticon emoticon
    2380 days ago
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