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Goodbye Sneaky Pi, until we meet again

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I can't believe it's been a week without Sneaky Pi. I was just thinking this morning, it all happened so fast. July 1st I went in for foot surgery and things were fine at home. Even after a few days home, at 3am because I heard Sneaker meowing and I jumped out of bed and walked fast as I could to check on Sneaker. I put the light on in the hallway and there he was, standing there with his fave toy in him mouth, looking where to go hide him. After that, the pain kicked in on my foot. So I hobble off to bed after thanking Sneaker for getting me worried for nothing. A week later, while watching t.v., he starts to play with the catnip reindeer toy. Batting it around, chasing it. But only for about 19 minutes. Things were going fine.

Then slowly I started to notice Sneaky Pi start to weave as he walked. This was the 3rd week in July, I got my bandages off already and was going to start physical therapy in a couple weeks. I was still giving him his pills 2x a day, now fluids every other day instead of 3x a week. Sneaker was also getting a bit slower and if possible, skinnier.

The last week in July was really making me see differences in Sneaker. He was starting to weave even more, almost looked like he was drunk when he walked. I was doing the same thing, even trying to feed him more of his fave food.

But then little things started happening. He was sleeping more. Though Taz still ambushed him, he didn't want to fight back as much. He even let him bit him one time. Then he wasn't coming around as much when we were eating, looking for a handout. And then the big thing was at night though he still wanted his treats, he wouldn't eat them. Also he didn't really sleep on the bed too much. So I called the vet that Friday for an appt. Sat. I was told she was going on vacation & won't be back till next Monday Aug 8th. Then I asked about today but she was booked solid. It was then I was trying to admit it, but I didn't think Sneaker would live past August.

The first week of August was the worst. It was hard giving him his fluids, just like last week, so I went back to every other day. He was drinking more water though he was getting the fluids. Sneaker was really slowing down, almost looking as if he had kitty Alzheimer's, not knowing where he is or want to go. I was shocked at seeing how thin he was, though he was still eating-if you call lapping up the juice really eating, it seemed he was having a hard time of it. I was making sure he got the mushy stuff or making it mushy so he could eat easy. He had gotten a bath not too long ago because he started to smell a bit. Probably part of the reason was he wasn't using the litter box properly. I notice this week he was half in/half out of the litter box. His but being outside. I was starting to think of taking him in sooner to the vet but I really wanted Dr. Dahl to do it since she knew him for 15 years.

But Sneaker told me himself that he wanted to go. That Thursday, I was going upstairs to have lunch. I know Taz was still downstairs but I couldn't find Sneaky Pi. I went downstairs again telling Sneaker not to be down hear, it's not good for you and if you're sick I can't find you-know how he likes to hide sometimes & watch me look for him. Anyway, I went by the computer area to look on the chair and then I saw Sneaker laying on the stuffed Sheepdog I had put down on a couple boxed on the floor. I lost it, started to cry. I took Sneaker & the Sheepdog upstairs. The Sheepdog I got at Costco a bit ago. It's lying down, and just about life-size. Tequila used to love sleeing on it when he was sick with the cancer. So when I got upstairs, I put Sneaker back on the Sheepdog so he could rest. He didn't stay on it or go on it again. So that's when I knew, Sneaker was telling me it was time, he wanted to see Tequila, Carbon Copy, Catsanova again, as well as meet his other brothers/sisters. I told Rich that night when he go up. That Monday is his last visit, if he makes it, but I will probably want to go Saturday, depending how he feels tomorrow. I had already called my ma & told her about it. I called the vet to let them know about it too, Friday came and I knew it really was time. No more treats, eating was hard, litter box trouble, he even told me it was time. I told Rich that I was calling the vet in the morning. He even started to cry, saying that Sneaker has an appt. Monday. But I think he knew in his heart too. I didn't give Sneaky Pi his fluids, or his pills Thurs or Fri. Why torment him any more.

Saturday-At 8am I called the vet at 8am and said I wanted to bring Sneaker in, they said come at 10am. I called ma and told her because she wanted to be there also. I told Rich and I know he wanted to spend some time with Sneaker so I stayed downstairs for a bit. He went out to have a smoke but I knew he was crying a bit too. For being a real jerk, at least he did care for Sneaky Pi. I took a few pics of Sneak, I was only able to download a few-don't know why I always have trouble with that. They are of his last day.

We met my parents there. I picked out his urn, a cat just like Tequila's only white. Rich took Sneaker outside for some fresh air, I went too after paying the bill. Sneaker tried to eat some grass, couldn't. He tried to walk even but started to meow like it hurt. I picked him up right away and cuddled him. After a bit, we finally got called in. After the first shot, I guess to prep him, we waited 10 min. Then the vet came in, we all were around Sneaker saying goodbyes, I love yous, and to say hi to everyone. I think Sneaker went as she was still injecting him, he was so sick. I kissed him goodbye, told him I'll see him later, that I loved him & will miss him.

Ma and dad suggested going for lunch which we did. When we got home, I made room on the shelf of the curio where the other kitties are, letting them know that Sneaky Pi will be joining them soon. And said a prayer to St. Francis to watch over him, I have a stature of him in the middle of the shelf.

It's been a long week. I've been keeping busy, trying not to think about it. Though the house seems a bit quieter. It's strange not having to give Sneaker his pills in the morning or fluids. Even at night, though I stopped giving him his pills at a specific time, seems strange. I look in the kitchen and see only one space for Taz, the litter box where everything gets covered-Sneaker used to love peeing in the corner and not covering. I was even thinking this morning how last year after foot surgery Carbon Copy left, now another foot surgery and Sneaky Pi is gone. Also with Sneaker's passing it seems that a chapter of my life has ended. My kitties, Catsanova, Tequila, Carbon Copy & now Sneaky Pi, are all gone. Time to start a new chapter to include Taz the phycho cat. I picked up his ashes the other day and now it's complete.

So Sneaky Pi, until we meet again, I hope you're enjoying yourself with past brothers & sisters, making new friends and enjoying yourself. I know you're feeling like your old self and probably have snuck off with something from a fellow furbaby. You gave so many fond memories to cherish. Remember, I love you, will miss you and some day we will all meet again. emoticon emoticon

P.S. I can't remember who, but I was asked if I was getting a tattoo of Sneaky Pi. Yes, I even know what pic I'm going to use. Time to use the next arm.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love you Em!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1764 days ago
    OMG EM, I got home from vacation and jump on Spark to check in and saw your goodie, thank you by the way, but I can't believe you had to put Sneaker down!!! I am soooooooo sorry!!!! I did lose someone, my Aunt died in July, she was only 61 and she had a brain tumor. It was really tough and my Uncle is still adjusting to living alone. I miss her so much and the hardest time without her will be the holidays. I hope you are healing from your loss.
    1771 days ago
  • v DISPATCH91
    emoticon Em
    1776 days ago
  • v CHLOE453
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1776 days ago

    I know how hard it was for you Em, as it was for me and Josie. I too knew when it was time to let her go and held her head in my hands when whe slipped away. It's a rotten part of having pets, like us they get old and frail, or sick and it's up to us to help them to the Rainbow Bridge with as little pain as possible.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1776 days ago
    I agree with the others. Thank you for sharing your pain and grief with us. Remember Sneaky is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge with all the others.
    1777 days ago
  • v PATTYS1959
    I'm so sorry, I know how much you miss him, but now you know that he's not hurting anymore and I know that he's there waiting for you with all of his friends and sibs. Anyone that says that animals don't have souls or go to Heaven has never really loved a furry friend. emoticon
    1777 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. It's so hard to let them go. I think I'm going to have a sit down in the garden today and talk to my lost loves - Shadow and Baby. Thank you for the reminder.
    1777 days ago
    Mary Anne is right, there are no words. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and Sneaky Pi's final days.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1777 days ago
  • v LEW0213
    Hugs for you. emoticon emoticon
    1777 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    there just are no words
    1777 days ago
  • v BEEJAY49
    That was a tear jerker. HUGS! I know how you feel because of going through 16 years of it with my sweet Benny Joe. We will see them all again when it's our time. I know Sneaky Pi is feeling his oats again and having fun playing with his sibs. :) Any time you need to just talk about it, mail me. Love you bunches! HUGS!
    1777 days ago
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